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What Do You Mean by Personal Banking?

While it sounds pretty straightforward, personal banking has a comprehensive range of services designed to serve the needs of individual people. Personal retail banking is a type of banking service and product line provided by banks to retail customers.

Also known as retail banking or consumer banking, personal banking is a financial service offered by banks and some other financial institutions to individual people. The consumers of this particular banking service are the people themselves, not their businesses or other organizations they own or work for.

To elaborate, consumer banking is the service which is offering to individuals to manage their money. It includes securely depositing their money and earning interest on it while also getting access to credits. Usually, these services include checking accounts, savings accounts, personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans. Consumers can also obtain a certificate of deposits (CD) if required.

It is Different From Corporate Banking

Contrary to personal banking, corporate banking is the banking services which provide directly with corporate customers such as corporations, businesses, service providers, etc. Like retail banking, however, the service includes loans, credits, checking accounts, saving accounts, etc. All of these services are designing differently than what is offered to individuals. Catering to the different needs of the companies and offering some suitable solutions to their investment and liquidation needs.

Retail banking is also more visible to the masses than corporate banking, thanks to the way they work. To make banking services more accessible. Banks usually set up many branches in most major cities, bringing banking services to the doorsteps. For corporate banking, most of the work happens directly with the businesses and behind the scenes. Thanks to the internet, however, a lot of consumer banking services can now be performed online. This is what is enabling many challenger banks or modern banks to go totally branchless and to the internet.

These two services are so close, though. The money deposited by individuals in their savings accounts often get loans to corporate clients and businesses. It allows the bank to put money to work and earn a profit, while also paying individuals interest on deposits.

Corporate Banking

Types of Services Offered by Retail Banking

Traditionally, individuals can perform a wealth of financial activities by opening up a personal banking account with a retail bank or financial institute. Depending on the kind of accessibility you need, you can opt for a checking account or a savings account. Often, you can also open an account to deposit a fixed amount periodically to earn a bigger percentage on interests.

Moreover, retail banks also offer individuals to go overdraft, to take a personal loan, mortgage, and other lines of credits. It also enables them to obtain credit cards and debit cards, paying bills and installments, and so on effortlessly.

In this digital age, many fintech banks are offering retail banking services entirely online, and thus, making it more accessible. Some of these hi-tech banks sometimes also offer enhanced services like holding multiple currencies, transferring money and paying bills globally, trading bonds, stocks, and securities, etc.

Banking Services


5 Things You Didn’t Know a Car Locksmith Could Do

There are a lot of different hats that a car locksmith can do these wear. While some people think that they are just around to unlock doors or get people out of sticky situations, there is a lot more to their job. Today’s locksmiths are actually more like home and vehicle security professionals, trained in all areas of lock safety and security, installation, repair, and other areas. Here are the things car locksmith can do also!

Your locksmith can save you from a lot of sticky situations, including the following:

Home Lock Services

Typically speaking, a car locksmith will also be experienced in home locks and other types of locks and security. As such, they will be able to provide home lock services in addition to their car lock solutions. They may even be able to provide comprehensive home and auto solutions that you can bundle to save money on the things that you need.


A locksmith will be able to rekey the locks on your car or home if you have lost or misplaced your keys, or if the keys have broken in some way. Rekeying is also an option for those who have recently moved into a home and who don’t want to do a full lock upgrade just yet. Rekeying allows the locksmith to manipulate the lock and create a new key for it to increase its security.

Key Matching and Duplication

Locksmiths also make key copies and match keys for you, even if it’s a rare or difficult key to find. They can provide services onsite when they are helping you get into your vehicle or offering another service, or you can seek them out specifically for their key making services. Either way, they can make sure that you have the keys that you need and that they will work properly and fit the locks perfectly when you choose to work with a professional locksmith.

Car Duplicate Keys

Home Security Consultations

Today’s locksmiths are comprehensive security professionals, for the most part. A good, qualified locksmith won’t just work with cars or homes. They will provide an array of lock services for all types of properties, locks, and needs. They might even be able to assist with smart locks, home security systems, and other solutions.

Ignition Lock Replacements

Although locksmiths are trained to work with lock, the ignition cylinder on your vehicle technically is a lock, and nothing more. Therefore, your locksmith should be able to replace your ignition switch and lock cylinder if they go bad, saving you the hassle and expense of hiring a mechanic or going to a shop. Plus, then you won’t take the risk of trying it yourself.

Next time when you think that the things car locksmith can do also is only going to be able to get you into your car when you’ve locked your keys inside, think again. These are just a few of the services that a locksmith can provide, so be sure to do your homework and find a reputable one so that you can take advantage of everything that they have to offer.


How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Car Finance Sector

COVID-19 has created unprecedented circumstances in almost every industry and economy in the world, affecting businesses and consumers alike. Measurements and restrictions have been put in place by the government to contain and curtail the spread of the virus, safeguard businesses, and protect the NHS.

What is the impact on the car finance sector?

The car finance industry has been hit as hard as any, as new car production halted across Europe back in March 2020. The purchase of new or used cars came to a standstill last year. As dealers were required to close their showrooms and postpone car deliveries.

In this blog, we will discuss in more detail. How COVID-19 impact on the car finance sector was effected globally since the beginning of last year?

Falls in Sales During First Lockdown

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, between January and October 2020 new-car registrations dropped by 26.8% in the European Union. Eight million cars were first registered during this time, a drop of 2.9 million from the same period in 2019. Spain, Italy, and France were the worst hit – with 37%, 31%, and 27% reductions, respectively.

Sales down


A Change in the Dealership Model

National lockdowns have driven significant change in the way customers search for and find car finance. The relationship between online and showroom motor retailer sales has changed with it. Being forced to work from and stay at home means more of us are shopping online. And also relying on the internet to obtain goods and services. This means an increasing number of car dealers and car finance companies are having to embrace digital infrastructure. Which reveals how much COVID-19 impact on the car finance sector was effected.

By now, dealers should be able to switch between the two, as lockdown restrictions continue to fluctuate. Nevertheless, there are rumours that this current lockdown may last until March, meaning digital click-and-collect may be the only option for the first quarter of the year.

Boost in Electric Vehicle Sales

One positive piece of news for the motoring world during lockdown – the electric car market is booming! At the end of September 2020. There were over 164,100 pure-electric cars and over 373,600 plug-in models driving on UK roads.

In fact, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), pure-electric cars accounted for 6.7% of new car registrations last year, making it an extremely positive 2020 for the electric car market.

Boast Business Profit

Consumer Credit and Ability to Finance

COVID-19 has had a major effect on consumer credit and the ability for people to obtain finance. People are low on work, furloughed or even worse completely out of employment. The collective ability to acquire COVID-19 impact on car finance sector or keep up with existing finance payments is becoming less and less. Missed or late payments as a result of this can seriously impact peoples’ credit ratings. It means they may struggle to obtain finance elsewhere in the future.

Getting a Car Finance Deal with Poor Credit

If you have poor credit, as an indirect result of COVID-19 or not, but still want to look into finding a car on finance, you should look at bad credit car finance. This is a deal that a lender agrees to offer someone with a poor credit history. No deposit is required, so you only have to cover your monthly payments that will be spread across 2-4 years.

To assess whether this is suitable for you, a ‘soft’ credit check will be made first to see if the lender can find a finance deal and to check which types are available to you. This will not impact your credit rating. If you are happy with what they offer, an actual ‘hard’ credit check will be made, which will impact your credit rating.

Car Finance


The point of this is to take the risk of negatively impacting your credit score with a ‘hard’ credit check at first. If credit is not available to you and you fail a credit check, this will affect your credit score. With a ‘soft’ check, a lender can assess your options without putting a blip on your credit report.


Essential Guide to the Future of Video Marketing

Online video marketing has been a major way to advertise products for years. Ever since more people started watching videos through sites like YouTube and directly on social media channels, it has become apparent that people like the creative self-expression that goes into making your own videos. That means that reaching customers through video was always going to be a logical next step. Below we’ll look at the future of video marketing, including trends, tips, and why video translation services are so important.

Online Video Marketing

The Importance of Video Translation

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to expand overseas. This is where video translation comes into play as an essential strategic move. As Ofer Tirosh, CEO of translation agency Tomedes, points out, “it has never been easier to expand overseas and reach different audiences from behind a computer screen, particularly given the growing dominance of e-commerce”.

Reaching customers through video is an increasingly popular tactic. From 2016 to 2019, the percentage of businesses using video as a marketing tool rose from 61% to 87%. Between the increasing trend of working with a global customer base and reaching that customer base through video, those marketing videos need to be translated with top-notch video translation services.

So, where does machine translation come in? Can Google translate videos? Technically, yes, Google Translate handles speech and even real-time video translation. However, a video translator app cannot translate to professional quality. In one study from 2019, Google Translate’s Spanish translations of patient education materials were only 60% accurate, including 4% with serious errors. That level of inaccuracy could prove disastrous for marketing materials. You could offend a culture with a mistranslation, misrepresent your product overseas leading to a lawsuit or make an e-commerce site impossible to use.

So, the question becomes: How can I translate a video? Simple – just find a video translation service that has experience handling marketing videos above and beyond what video translation software can do. You could find one in your area by searching a local term like translation company UK.

Top Trends Affecting Self-Expression in Video Marketing

When looking at how to handle video marketing, pays close attention to emerging trends. One of those trends is the fact that we’re highly mobile now. That means we’re watching video on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, often while on the go. You’ll need to make sure your videos play well on all of those devices. Mobile video marketing, Fwhere you view videos on the go through a smartphone, is widely predicted to become the norm.

Social media influencers and their form of creative self-expression are also major drivers of popular videos online. Many brands are capitalizing on that by partnering with these influencers to produce videos. For instance, a makeup brand might reach out to a popular beauty vlogger to review a product line that was just released. That way, brand awareness might reach a higher number of followers and the message will gain credibility in the audience’s eyes.

Then there’s Big Data. Big Data underpins how video marketing is conducted. Data-driven decision making will help marketers understand how to reach audiences through video. By analyzing chatbot data, social media responsiveness, and topics discussed online, will help marketers know how to produce videos that will appeal to their core demographics. Through data, marketers can look at what audiences online are talking about and thus what they are more likely to pay attention to.

There’s considerable debate about how long to make marketing videos. However, with the rise of TikTok’s brief form of self-expression, it’s clear that audiences online are very responsive to the short-form, 60-second video format. Twitter launched its 6-second video ads in 2019, and other platforms kept it short and snappy with their ads too.

How to Make Self-Expression Video Marketing Work

With all these trends, it can be confusing to know how to move forward with video marketing. However, some tried and true methods will keep your video marketing efforts more focused:

  • Keeping your target demographic in mind: Like any marketing effort, first and foremost is knowing who you are selling to. Look at who they are and where they hang out. To go back to the makeup brand example, many beauty enthusiasts hang out on Instagram because of the image-friendly format.
  • Keep a close eye on analytics and data: By knowing how different topics perform, you can better assess what your video should cover and how to reach your audience.
  • Always work from a script: Plan your message in script form to get it right before you bring in the actors and video editing crew. Also, if you need video translation, remember that translators often start translating from scripts rather than the finished item (though they can do that too).
  • Give a strong call-to-action: List a phone number to call, a link to follow, a store to visit or some other method where customers know what to do if interested.

By following these tips, you can create a solid video marketing campaign that will work well into the future.

Health and Fitness

Industrial Food Packaging and Technologies

Food grade industrial packaging is a very important part of the supply chain that brings food from the producer to the consumer.

Their function is to protect the food, but also to allow easier sale, as well as easy transport.

In the eyes of a consumer, the creation of new food grade industrial packaging may seem trivial, but this is not the case. As a matter of fact, in recent years it has been possible to study the use of new technology also for the industrial food packaging sector.

Let’s see what we’ll be able to expect from the future of this industry thanks to the collaboration with technological realities.

Nanotechnologies for industrial food packaging

In the last twenty years, these so-called nanotechnologies are becoming increasingly popular in the materials sector, and also in the food grade industrial packaging sector. Thanks to the collaboration with this sector, it is now possible to guarantee the best performance for packaging from every point of view.

Nanocompounds can be create by the combination of nano particles; these will perform significantly better than those of other materials.

We can already see some applications of nanotechnologies in the food sector, for example for coating, both single and multilayer.

Compounds of this type are found in cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibers. And we will talk about nanocompounds when we consider particles ranging from 0.1 to 100 nanometers.

Currently, European regulations have applied limitations on the use of nanocompounds, but this should not suggest that they are unsafe, only that they have not yet been used enough in order to talk about their large-scale effects.

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The benefits of nanotechnologies in food grade industrial packaging

Industrial packaging for food, as has already been indicated, has already seen the application of these new technologies. Which prove the benefits of using nanotechnologies in the food sector.

Let’s see some of the results of the use of nanotechnologies in the food sector:

Better performance

Some nanotechnologies have the ability to make packaging more resistant to external agents. With the use of these materials, therefore, it will be possible to reduce the use of harmful materials. And also at the same time they ensure very high performance.

Easier storage

Other materials offer industrial packaging a greater possibility of preserving food.

For example, there is packaging that has an antimicrobial function, which will reduce the chances of food degrading quickly. Indeed, some of these industrial packaging’s for food have the ability to “capture” the oxygen present in the external environment. In order to prevent the food from deteriorating, or drying out too much, as can happen with vegetables.

Easier monitoring

Finally, some nanometric particles also have a “communication” function with the outside world. Through, food packaging anyone can know about the condition of the food. And also the time remaining to be able to consume it and so on.

Here, therefore, the collaboration between new technologies and the food industry can lead to excellent results, especially for the limitation of waste and the protection of health.