80’s-inspired Beauty Looks to Try Right Now

The 1980s may often be remembered for its excesses. Big hair, big shoulder pads, and ginormous stilettoes. While these fashions have been used as punchlines for the past few decades, it’s time to take another look at the beauty behind the 80s. There are actually quite a lot of flattering, cool, and flirty beauty looks from this decade that you should try out. So whether you’re heading out on a gal’s night out or a hot date, give these 80s looks a try!

80’s-inspired Beauty Looks

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1. New Wave neon lips

One enduring beauty look that was created in the 1980s is the punky, New Wave-inspired neon lipstick. Use a bold fuschia shade to line lips, and then fill in with a creamy pencil. Be sure to use lots of gloss to really make your lips pop! You can team this bright colour with a cool-girl black eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to smudge it to give added definition to your eyes and create a glamorous style that Debbie Harry would be proud to wear.

New Wave neon lips

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2. Sweeping eye shadow

Think of makeup styles in films like Blade Runner to achieve this dramatic look. In the 1980s, eye makeup was angled away from eyes in bold blocks of colour. You can get the look by choosing the eye shadow shade of your choice. In terms of tools, you’ll want to find an angled brush that you can use to sweep the shadow on with. Use this to gradually add your colour, starting at the lash line and finishing above your brow bone. Gold eyeliner can be added to the inner corners of your eye to highlight and accentuate your eyes.

Sweeping eye shadow

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3. Blue eye makeup

Although blue eyeshadow might be the go-to shade you’d choose to complement your Funidelia 80s fancy dress outfit, it can actually be quite subtle when applied correctly! It’s commonly recommended that blue eye makeup works best if you have brown eyes, but you can play around with different shades to find one you’re comfortable with. A subtle baby blue can look great on blue eyes, while green-tinged colours complement hazel hues.

Blue eye makeup

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4. Teased hair

Teased hair is a classic 1980s style that will put you in a party mood. You can tease your bangs up just a hint, or crimp your hair overnight for a high flying style all over. Pair your big hair with plenty of bronzers for a beachy, sun-kissed look.

Teased hair

Image by Wendy Harman

5. A full face of makeup

We know that conventional beauty advice says to play up your eyes or your lips – not both. But in the 1980s, this rule was thrown out the window. Do you want to rock a smoky eye AND a bright red lip AND magenta blush? Why not! You go for it. The look may be excessive for day-to-day wear, but it’s glamorous and show-stopping for a glamorous party. Just be sure to choose shades that are flattering to you, and avoid getting too electric with the blue mascara.

A full face of makeup

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Whether you’re looking for a 1980s style to match your fancy dresses for a theme night, or simply some new ideas to switch up your usual makeup look, try out these styles. You may be surprised by how exciting 80s beauty can be!

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