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Top 5 American Steel Buildings of 2016

American Steel Buildings

Recent innovations in technology has revolutionized the construction sector to the point that fully constructed steel buildings can be manufactured in parts and assembled on required location to get a complete building. This Lego construction concept of steel buildings is now the hype of the architectural sector. The race begins from here to recognize the best American steel buildings of 2016. The following companies construct strong, reliable and advanced buildings of steel.


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1-General Steel Buildings, is a company which puts its customer’s satisfaction on its top priority. Since its establishment in 1996, it has produced more than 20,000 successful projects including those for big shots such as The White House, Disney, NASA and many others. The best American steel buildings company stands at the top this year again. Their tailor-made quality work is accurately matches to its customer’s wishes. General Steel Buildings offers solutions to both individuals and large firms believing such innovations should be brought down to the common man. Their variable products range from barn steel buildings to government facilities.


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2-Armstrong Steel Buildings, is a purely professional company dedicated to its work. It retains the second place amongst best American steel buildings of 2016 thanks to its high quality work. They may come a bit expensive for the common man, but their work is guaranteed through longevity, sturdiness, daintiness. They not only use the best grade materials, but are also one of the best instructional firms out there. They provide all the information and guidance they possibly can to their customers, so they can never be swindled by cheap work again. Armstrong Steel Buildings has completed projects for some high tech firms including Microsoft. They extend small and large scale business solutions, best fit for industrial and storage steel buildings.

World Wide Steel Buildings

3- Freedom Steel Buildings has the most extensive sales network working overseas. Their focus is more towards recycling and Eco friendliness, providing their customers with cheap and affordable deals. Their environment safe status earns them a place in our best American steel buildings of 2016 list.


4- World Wide Steel Buildings is one of the oldest steel building companies. They are best known for their residential steel buildings and air plane hangars. In addition, they provide a free price quotation to their customers before sales. If you need a quality residential building or desire a hangar for your plane, Worldwide Steel Buildings is the company to turn to.

Heritage Building Systems

5- Heritage Building Systems, has been ranked highly positive by its most customers. HBS being associated with a bigger architect firm provides you various home decor solutions. It does not matter if you are updating your kitchen or want an inexpensive home décor, they have a solution for you. Their steel buildings are best known to be modifiable. In addition, their customer service is top notch. The customers can always contact over the phone or through the website and they feel glad to lend a hand. It rightfully makes them the best American steel buildings firm.

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