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Upgrading Your Premises

It’s not a question of “if”, it’s a question of “when.” When will it be time for you to upgrade the plumbing arrangements in your home? When they’ve become so leaky and compromised with decay that water from them represents a health risk? When they are no longer trendy in their design? When you just plain get tired of them?

Well, there are several advantages and disadvantages to any reason for an upgrade; but oftentimes the cumulative benefit of having new fixtures far outweighs any downside.

The Psychological Angle

A change of scenery, or a project, has been proven to have positive psychological benefits. Primarily, these benefits come from projects which are completed by you, directly. To that end, installing a new faucet is a great step toward increasing your home’s value and utility, while simultaneously giving your mind a well-being facelift.


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You may be surprised at how effectively you can complete projects on your own. Light fixtures, faucets, sinks, flooring, or even installing a deck in your home—can be accomplished with a little bit of effort and the application of critical thought. You can really undertake these projects on your own or you can hire contractors.

The Efficiency Angle

You can get down and dirty and do it yourself but that could be very time-consuming. It could frankly be costly as well especially if you don’t know entirely what you’re doing. Your time is more valuable and should be spent in doing things you truly care about. So in that case, it’s wise to hire a contractor in this situation.

When hiring contractors, be a sleuth and find out more about the company. Research what you can and be thorough about it. It pays to do your due diligence now to avoid a costly mistake later.

It really doesn’t matter which improvement you’re thinking. It could be upgrading your plumbing system or finding deck specialists to install a deck that you’ve been wanting, you need to know how reliable they are. You can start by reading the testimonials that they received from past clients.

The Value Angle

Systems of order descend to disorder; that’s the rule of entropy. It doesn’t matter how well-designed your home is, what modern methods are brought to the table, or how well it is maintained, over time components throughout will break down. This will require replacement and repair. Whether or not you want to do an upgrade or a remodel, eventually this will become a necessity.

To preserve the value and utility of your property, it makes sense to remodel and upgrade facilities on a regular basis. Otherwise, property value will steadily decline, and may eventually pass an event horizon where no amount of upgrade can restore what once was. You might as well repair things when you see they need repaired. If your faucet is leaking, replacing it could be the best option.

The Health Angle

Degraded systems are naturally going to become less amenable to your health. Certain building materials become victim to entropic forces more quickly than others. The pipes in Flint, Michigan weren’t designed to degrade over time and poison the populace; that’s just a natural consequence of poor design and time. Your home may also have compromised structural components.

If you neglect to replace these components in time, it could represent a health risk to you and those around you. Especially with plumbing fixtures, such truths must be respected and considered. If your home is older than fifty years, it might be wise to go through and check the status of original structures. You may be able to catch something in time to prevent an illness.

Why Not Go Modern?

Initial expense on modern accoutrements may be a little higher; but then the value of your home increases as well, offsetting this cost. According to Maestro Bath, when it comes to design, modern kitchen faucets are “…one of those details that can make or break your design.”

If you need a psychological buffer to help you get through the day, if you’re looking to retain the value of your property, or you’re just trying to avoid negative health problems which are commonly associated with old structures, remodeling your kitchen may represent one of the best possible avenues of upgrade you can pursue.

One thing is certain: doing nothing won’t make problems go away, or add value to your home. Maintaining structural stability, property value, and occupant health all require action.

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