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Travelling on a Budget This Summer

Best Budget Holidays

Summer is the best time of year to go travelling, whether that means a trip abroad or simply taking the chance to explore what different parts of the UK have to offer you. The beauty of it is that anyone can make a go at putting together their own budget holiday, and all you really need is some good ideas and proper preparation. Seasoned travellers know that there are a few basic tips that can really help save money without cutting back on the overall experience, so by finding out what these are, you can have a great holiday that is worth far more than it will end up costing you.

Best Budget Holidays

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Choose a location

Some people love sea and sand, some enjoy trekking across the country, and others prefer to sample the different cultures to be found in historic cities around the world. All these things can be done cheaply if you take your time to work out a few basic details. Firstly, is there a currency situation that might benefit you? Due to the way that international money markets work, sometimes sterling is “stronger” or “weaker” against other currencies. This means that the pound in your pocket can literally be worth more (or less) in terms of what it can buy you abroad at different times. If you keep an eye on the market’s fluctuations and pick the right time, this simple act can turn even the most expensive holiday into a budget bargain.

vacation apartments

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Of course, finding somewhere to stay can be a big part of a holiday outlay, even if you are intending a trekking getaway or to backpack around the world. For many people, finding good-quality accommodation plays a big part in having a great holiday, allowing them to feel pampered and relaxed in an environment of luxury. Booking hotels online can bring up some great deals, and if you book well in advance, you can usually pick up some great rates. Of course, the internet has also thrown up some novel new solutions that allow you to connect directly with landlords and property owners who are looking to let out various types of accommodation all over the world. Whether you are looking for vacation apartments, hotels across the range, villas or even quirky outdoor “glamping” options, there are plenty of chances to use a reputable site that will have some great cost-cutting suggestions for you.

booking flights

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Getting there

Once you have chosen your location and accommodation, it’s only part of the story – the real trick is getting there and back as cheaply as possible. Again, booking flights well in advance can mean you get the best value, but that’s not the only way to bag a flight bargain. When you’ve been searching online for a while, you should delete your browser history to get rid of the “cookies” that websites use to track your use. This is because their prices can increase based on the number of times you visit a certain site. Flight systems are also usually loaded first thing every morning, which means that those that were “on hold” for business customers overnight are then released at about 1 am. The early bird (or night owl) really can get the worm of cheap flights if they log in around then.

solo trip

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Single or group?

Going on holiday with a group of friends can be a memorable experience and can be a really good way of sharing outlays. Renting a villa is a perfect way for groups of various sizes to have an affordable holiday together, and can apply to everything from a sun-soaked island in the Med to a skiing holiday in the Alps. Some of the most valuable travelling experiences can come from a solo trip, and this can also be a great way of seeing the world on the tightest of budgets. Single supplement offers can apply to many offerings from package holiday companies, meaning reduced prices outside of peak travel season. There are also many types of adventure-style holidays that are aimed at single travellers.

Do your homework

The best budget holidays start at home because doing your research and looking around online can really make all the difference. It doesn’t matter where you want to go or what style of holiday you are looking for, there is sure to be a bargain to be found if you take the time to look into things properly and gather all the information you need to make the best choices.

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