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5 Things I Love Doing In Jamaica

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica is a place that is very rich in nature and a relaxed atmosphere to go with it. I wanted to write this post to give you a little insight into what makes it a selection for you to visit one of the beautiful places. I hope you enjoy reading more about Jamaica and hopefully it persuades you to take a nice Jamaica vacation!

Mayfield River

Image by danbruell

Mayfield River

Usually you hike next to rivers, but at Mayfield River it is possible to hike across the river, which is not like your usual hike. The river is of course surrounded by stunning nature, like the lush greenery of the forests and over twenty cascading waterfalls that exist on the river. You can swim you can swim under these high too, which is extremely refreshing in the hot Jamaica sun. My favourite has to be the “The Washing Machine”, which has an area enclosed by rocks where the water falls and you can actually sit in this area and feel the power of the waterfall!

Mystic Mountain

Get to the top of Mystic Mountain

Mystic mountain is about ten minutes from Ocho Rios and one of the most interesting parts about getting to the top of the mountain is the 200 metre vertical rise above the trees when you take the Sky explorer chairlift. It isn’t by any means a fast journey and I think that is what makes it so enjoyable. The view from the top is naturally one of the best that you are going to see. the best part is your options for getting down. If you want to be super adventurous you can relive the feelings of the first Jamaican bobsled team! It’s also possible to go down a 77 metre water slide into an infinity pool on the edge of mystic mountain, which is an experience like no other.

Blue Mountains

Image by Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Blue Mountains

This wonderful park is a great place to hike or mountain bike and is located about an hour north of the capital, Kingston. The peaks of the Blue Mountains are naturally a nice shade of blue and of course get their name from this. The area is extremely famous for coffee production and is known as some of the finest that there is. This is attributed to the high altitude and you can even visit the coffee plantation to learn about the process of growing the coffee and what it is about the region that makes it so ideal for doing so. Hiking and camping are other great ways to explore ad experience the Blue Mountains, but be aware that the high altitude can make the area much harder to explore for longer periods of time.

Jamaican food

Image by Alex

Eat the local food

I wanted to dedicate a little bit of a longer section to food, because it is my opinion that Jamaican food is some of the best that there is of all the countries I have traveled to. Jerk food is probably the best that you will try on the island and is a spice paste that is used to marinade meat like chicken or pork. Jerk is definitely the ultimate barbecue dish and is personally my absolute favourite, especially chicken. Another thing that I love to eat as a snack in Jamaica s definitely a delicious patty. Patties have a flaky and buttery pastry on the outside filled with a spicy mixture of either meat, vegetables, fish or a combination of these. Patties resemble Cornish pasties, but of course have a nice spicy flavour and I find them to be even better! As with any food in Jamaica, it is great idea to ask how spicy something is before you tuck in. As well as great food, you can always rely on the best beer in Jamaica (Red Stripe) to wash it all down and finish things off nicely in the heat.

Black River

Image by Stephanie Flores

Visit Black River

Black River is very interest due to its mangrove swamps, birds, fern trees and even crocodiles. Crocodiles in particular are fascinating creatures and you can watch them glide along gracefully and silently in the water. They really are beautiful and powerful creatures, but there is no need to be afraid here because you will be safe with any experienced boat operator. Treasure Beach is also not far away from this area and is also worth visiting for its black sand beaches. If you have never seen a black sand beach before, you are definitely in for a treat because it is a beautiful example of mother nature at her very finest.

Irie Blue Hole

Image by jarnocan

Got to the Irie Blue Hole

This place is known as the Secret Falls to some on the island and the secluded nature of the is the reason for this. There is nothing quite like jumping into a hole filled with stunning blue water from a height of 10 metres. It is definitely recommended to have a guide to show you where to swim and to learn a little bit more about the area, this is much more important than you might think. Swimming underneath the waterfall is also great and something I personally enjoy very much. If you do have the time I would spend the day here relaxing and there are places to sit next to the river, so you can enjoy the view of the waterfalls and also watching people enjoying the nature too!

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