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The 5 Best Travel Destinations This Spring For When You Want Something New

Spring is upon us and it is time to seriously think about travelling. The world is filled with so many wonderful places that will offer exactly what you are searching for. Combine this with the fact that you can visit eDreams Twitter to find out about the best deals and you are on your way for a wonderful experience. However, everything starts with picking your destination and then you can focus on the best travel offers. This is why we should highlight the following great travel destinations you do want to consider.

Arendal – Norway:

Arendal Norway
Image by Pexels

If you want to travel on spring, Norway is a wonderful European destination, one that is perfect for those that love winter more than the sunny seasons. Northern Europe is a really good destination during spring, with Arendal being a really quiet town that welcomes you with really cozy waterfront cafes. It is located quite close to the capital of Oslo and the biggest reason why you want to consider visiting is that the weather is better than usual, allowing you to see some great scenery.

Valencia – Spain:

Valencia Spain
Image by Pexels

Many do not know this but some of the best travel offers are for Valencia during spring, making it a favorite for people from around the world. The weather is usually warm enough to just wear your favorite t-shirts and you can always enjoy cycling through Jardines del Turia or just go to the beach. Do consider going to Mercat in order to grab a great bottle of Er Boqueron, which is actually made with fresh seawater. If you want to eat somewhere, the family-run, highly atmospheric El Huerto, located in Ruzafa, should be on your list.

Zermatt – Switzerland:

Zermatt Switzerland
Image by Pixabay

Spring can be about skiing. If you travel before April ends, Zermatt is one of the best destinations to consider in Switzerland. You can enjoy one of 3 ski domains, with numerous off-piste options that are family-friendly. Zermatt itself can easily be described as pretty, with many horse-drawn sleights and narrow streets. You can enjoy a gourmet dining experience at Chez Vrony if you want to or just enjoy some simple treats that are all around the slopes.

Morzine – France:

Morzine France
Image by Pexels

Morzine is located in France’s Alps region. During April and May, you can enjoy snow levels that are still good enough to ski. At the same time, you can easily enjoy just getting lost in nature, exploring and walking on great treks. If you are looking for some adrenaline filled experiences, you can paraglide off mountain tops, eat in great restaurants or go river rafting. The Mont Blanc panoramas are so great that you will regret it if you do not have a camera with you.

New York – USA:

New York USA
Image by Pixabay

New York City is a great place to visit all year round, with spring not being an exception. You can do anything you want in the city from eating a great hot dog in the middle of the street to dining out at some of the best locations in the world. Prices are lower during spring so it is a wonderful time to visit.

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