Top Reasons To Choose Best VPS Hosting Over Traditional Web Hosting

Best VPS Hosting

Many website owners are making the switch to Virtual Private Servers from their traditional web hosting plans as the virtual hosting technology has a lot to offer. Virtual Private Servers, or VPSs, allow for more control over your website and typically offer better specifications, configuration options rarely seen with a traditional server, and added SEO benefits. VPS hosting is surprisingly affordable in comparison to traditional hosting, often running just a few extra dollars per billing cycle. Read on to find out why transferring your website to a VPS plan may be your best decision yet.

Improved Performance with VPS:

Best VPS Hosting

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On a traditional web hosting server your website will sit next to dozens of others, who all have traffic ebbing and flowing, decreasing your resources at unpredictable times. Traditional servers often cause websites to fail at the most important times, during peaks of heavy traffic. This is due to the resource allocation and limited bandwidth and storage of the physical server.

By contrast, VPS hosting allows you your own private server in a virtual setting. Your resources aren’t shared with other customers nearly as much and you have more choices regarding the specifications of your hosting server.

You can measure your website’s performance using tools like Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights. These two tools can check how fast your website loads, which can be compared across virtual server plans and a traditional web host. Other tools for determining how much better your site would fare on a VPS include GTMetrix and WebPageTest. These tools check for overall performance and issue instant reports to show any areas your website may be lacking on. The type of hosting you choose can have a major impact on the load speeds and uptime of your website as measured by these online tools.

Increased Control and Security:

You will get better performance out of a VPS server, due to the way the server behind it is virtually compartmentalized but the added level of control can benefit you in other ways, as well. Since your website won’t be sharing a space with tons of other sites, you won’t have to worry about your data being breached by malicious code on the server. You also don’t have to worry about getting the server IP blacklisted by a neighboring site since your VPS will have its own unique IP address.

Increased Control and Security

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Virtual Private Servers allow you to configure and install any software you need to improve the performance of your website. This includes SEO settings like caching, and dependency software needed to run complex Content Management System software like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

Having more control also means a deeper level of access to the file system and operating systems. This can help when you need to retrieve server logs and access records. You will be able to get a more comprehensive view of who is visiting your website while keeping the logs and visitor data more private and secure. Virtual servers are ideal for services like Google Analytics which allow you to track the usage of your website.

Virtual Private Servers are generally considered more secure than traditional servers. This is because VPSs allow you to update your server software as frequently as needed to avoid newly-discovered web vulnerabilities and because you’ll be the only person with root access to your server, unlike on a traditional hosting platform.

More for your Hosting Money:

While VPSs typically cost a few extra dollars, you will be getting more for your money by switching from the traditional hosting setting. Hosting is relatively inexpensive in any form, and shouldn’t be an area of your website where you scrimp on quality.

Hosting Money

With a virtual server, you gain SEO benefits that will more than makeup for the additional hosting costs. Most VPS plans run around $20 per month, which is less than double the cost of a traditional shared server. With the increased SEO performance and improved speed of your website, you can fully expect more traffic and a more satisfied customer base by using a VPS.

You can also save money on a VPS plan by agreeing to an annual billing cycle. Purchasing your hosting for a year up-front is reasonable if you’re at all serious about your web ventures. Hosting companies offer deep discounts to annual subscribers, which may bring the price of your VPS package down to the same cost you’re currently paying for a monthly shared server.

There are several compelling reasons to switch to a VPS hosting plan. Choosing VPS over traditional web hosting will help your website stay online and loading fast during peak traffic times and give you a better idea of your server resource needs. You will gain security benefits by not having to share your server with other random websites and you’ll have more configuration options by using VPS. The added configuration has its own set of exciting benefits for website owners who need more traffic and a safer, frequently updated hosting environment.

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