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Human mind never stops learning and evolving, that’s a settled fact. Previously, it was believed that a human mind needs hundreds of hours to learn a new skill and excel in it. Well, the recent studies and our experts approve that a person can not only learn a new skill but also be competitive in it in a far little duration. Some acclaimed experts even consider 20 hours to be enough time to acquire a new skill set.

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A recent online survey conducted by Bidvine revealed some interesting facts about learning capabilities of human beings. The online local services marketplace wanted to know how much time do people spend on games and what can they learn if they substitute that time for acquiring a new skill.Out of 2,000 British participants, 55% were identified as gamers who, on average, used to spend 2 hours on gaming.Further research revealed that 45% of those were using gaming consoles, 31% were using PCs,and 19% of gamers were playing games on mobile phones. Unsurprisingly, a major chunk of gamers (65%)turned out to be male, while 34% were female. Interestingly, 35% gamers were devoting more than5 hours daily for game playing.

Bidvine then contacted different service providers from its site, which included painters, cleaners, photographers, wedding planners, handy repair men, cooks, personal trainers, musicians, and dancers etc., and asked them what they can learn by allocating just 2 hours from their daily routine? Turned out, a lot can be learned in a very short period of time. People can learn a host of different skills if they are ready to invest just 2 hours of their time daily. They can learn:

  • a new language in less than year
  • to play a music instrument within 4 months
  • to dance salsa in as little as 4 weeks
  • skills to remodel their own living space in less than 2 months
  • And even run a whole marathon with 10 weeks of training

Disclaimer: The learning time may slightly vary depending on an individual’s ability, but roughly it applies to all.

This may be surprising to few, but to many, it simply is a reaffirmation that a human mind can adopt and learn quickly.

Bidvine’s co-founder Russ Morgan said that intentions of this survey were not to single out gamers or shame them in any way but to highlight an important fact that you can learn anything you put your mind and effort to. Gaming was only chosen because of its widespread scope and appeal.They just wanted something comparable and relevant to public. Alternatively, you can allot time spent on social media for learning a new skill and results will still be the same.

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