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BMW 645d Sport Coupe – Drivings a DREAM

BMW’S 6 Series has been upgraded across the range of luxury high performance Coupes and Convertibles with extra equipment now standard. SE, Sport or M specification levels are now available with all the engine choices.

In a restructured model line-up every model now gets BMW professional multimedia navigation, online connection and driver assist functions, Bluetooth hands-free phone preparation and voice control USB audio which can store your favourite CD tracks in the system’s memory. And five-year/60,OOO¬mile service package is also now standard on all but M derivatives.

This latest in a series of upgrades follows the biggest change two years ago when the improved six-and eight-cylinder petrol models were joined for the first time by a world-class six¬cylinder diesel engine.

I’ve just been driving the diesel in a BMW 625d Edition Sport model which features a sport package including bespoke 19in light alloys instead of 17in, a new contoured bonnet, which give it a more aggressive look and the M’s anti-roll stabilisation system, Sports , front and a three-spoke M sports leather steering wheel.

BMW 634d Sport Coupe – A Dream Drive

The stiffer suspension improves handling and gives a steadier ride in enthusiastic driving. With virtually no lag the performance through the six¬speed automatic transmission is electrifying.

The auto box is so good you could just leave it in drive and when you need to pass slower vehicles on single carriageway roads, the kickdown is rapid but smooth, making for swift, but safe overtaking.

But that denies you the great experience of driving control you get using the steering wheel paddles. The precision holding the car in the right gear and instant changes when you want them onfast country roads is a driver’s dream.

The suspension is so well set up that the car feels spirit-level steady, no matter what speed.
In steady ‘cruising on the motorway it feels effortless, Powered by a twin-turbocharged 2,993cc common rail unit, it propels the 635d from 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds.

The acceleration is fuss-free and smooth power delivery will take the car on to a maximum speed electronically restricted to 155mph. What’s more drivers can savour this mouth-watering pace with the happy knowledge that in everyday driving they will also be getting frugal fuel. The big Beemer’s combined figure is 40.9mpg.
The cockpit is the last word in luxury, with a brushed aluminium centre console, big comfortable power seats, and an instrument display that is clutter-free.

Directly in front of the driver there’s really just the two main dials for speedometer and tachometer plus instant fuel consumption readout.

That’s thanks to the iDrive system which keeps satnav and entertainment controls at your fingertips in one fingertip operation.

It does take a bit of getting used o but once mastered is fairly easy and means you keep your eyes on the road instead of on the gadgets. A £920 optional head-up display (HUD) projects your speed on to the windscreen – perfect for this car as it is easy to find you are going faster than intended. And a lane departure alert tells the driver by means of a vibration through the steering wheel when you wander out of lane or travel with two wheels on or nudging the white line separating lanes.

Unlike some rivals which have an electronic fingertip parking brake the traditional lever handbrake is retained.
The doors are large but getting into the low rear seats is still a struggle and in any case there’s only room for children in the back – it’s a true 2+2 and even with the heated electric front seats well forward rear leg room is very limited.

Storage space was limited in the cabin to just the glove box and two thin pockets in doors. The centre armrest, which is adjustable for height houses a mobile phone.

Buttons in the “M” steering wheel included audio controls, head up display and lane change alert as
well as hands-free phoning operations.

Luggage space is good as the boot, which glides open automatically from the keyfob, is low, wide and reasonably sized. The BMW 634d Sport Coupe – BMW 6 Series prices start at £53,445. The price of the model as tested was £60,560 .

BMW 634d Edition SPORT COUPE
ENGINE: 3-0 litre Diesel
Power: 286bhp
0-62: 6.2secs
Top Speed: 155mph
Combined mpg: 40.9mpg
OTR Price : £60,560

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