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Fantastic Budget Family Cars You Can Easily Afford

Looking for a new family car? We’re sure you don’t want to spend a fortune on a vehicle that is just a mode of transportation. When you think about it, that’s all a car is. Car fanatics will tell you that you need all the bells and whistles. That you car is nothing unless it can reach speeds of one hundred and fifty mph.

But let’s consider that challenge for a moment. When are you going to be able to reach a hundred and fifty in a vehicle? Better question, when are you going to reach one hundred in your vehicle? Unless your name is Jeremy Clarkson, the answer is probably never. Then there’s the matter of depreciation. Buy an expensive sports car and when you get rid of it, you will have lost all the money you spent. That’s why it’s best to instead pick a budget car that you can count on.

Mitsubishi Colt:

Mitsubishi Colt

We’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for this cracking little car. It may not look like much, but when you drive it, you do get the sense it is trying it’s best to be an Evo. The engine certainly makes it sound that way, despite that fact it’s top speed is only about 100MPH. So, what do you get in this car? For starters, you do get a comfortable drive. The suspension is great, and as you’re whizzing along the road, it won’t feel like you are hitting every pothole. It’s not going to be like driving a Landrover, but it’s certainly better than driving a Ferrari on a typical road. Prices are quite modest too with the two door model starting off at just five thousand. Get it second hand and you’ll be paying a lot less than that. The car is reliable and best of all, fuel efficient. You won’t constantly be stopping for fuel. It will quite easily take you from London to Scotland on one tank of gas.



What can we say about the SEAT MII? Well for starters it does look like a box on wheels. That said it is quite spacious and is a reliable car to have on your driveway. The suspension isn’t quite as great as the Colt. However, it does have a little more space for legroom. If you buy new, the car will cost you about six grand. Pre-owned and you can pick one up from a company like the Hilton Garage for just under four. Not bad, considering the hidden power it’s got under the hood. You’ll certainly have fun with one on the corners when the kids aren’t in the back.

Ford Fiesta:

Ford Fiesta

If you want a little more oomph in the tank and a touch more style, opt for the Ford Fiesta. This is a fun little hatchback and perfect for smaller families. We think it is one of the best first cars for families on the market. Fuel efficiency is great and bought new; it comes with all the features you’d expect from a modern car. You can even get it fitted with apple car play and have all your gadgets connected and synched. It is a little more cramped than the Colt, particularly with the three-door model. However, it makes up for it with a far larger boot. You’ll be able to fit the weekly shopping in with no problem and still have two kids in the back.

Do any of these cars take your fancy? If you’re looking for a new family car with a modest budget you can’t go too far wrong with these choices.

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