Run A Business Blog? Here’s Why Your Readers Might Hate Your Content!

More businesses are creating and maintaining blogs on their websites. They serve as outlets for news and other information offered by the company to the public. Some people within those firms use blogs to voice their opinion about upcoming trends. Others may post case studies involving their products and services.

One of the brilliant things about having a blog for your business is cross-promotion. You can use your social media accounts to advertise blog post content. Doing so offers the obvious benefit of getting more website visitors. The trouble with some corporate blogs is that readers think the content sucks! Here’s why:

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They use click bait:

Have you ever heard of the term “click bait” before? If not, let me explain. Click bait is where someone puts up a sensational headline for a topic. Nothing much new there, right? The trouble is, most click bait articles are full of irrelevant content. Or they might not offer any real value to the reader.

Let’s say there’s a headline of “Revealed: the secret to becoming a millionaire fast”! Now, imagine how disappointed you’d be if the “tips” were things you already knew. Things like getting a well-paid job, not having any debts, and saving up money while not spending any of it.

If your company uses click bait articles, do your readers a favour and quit doing that! Stop using click bait – 5 Digital Quotes article explains how it can harm your brand in the long-term.

Your content lacks depth:

Sure, you write blog posts that aren’t spammy in any particular way. But, if your content is only around 100 words long, why should people bother reading it? If they want micro-size content, they can just go and use Twitter!

When you write content on your blog, you need to remember one thing. You are representing your company. If you’re discussing some new technology, for example, give depth to your article. Talk about its perceived pros and cons. Cite some examples from industry leaders. Even discuss the thoughts of prominent bloggers.

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Your spelling and grammar are bad:

I must admit; one of my pet peeves is poor spelling and grammar! Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert on the written English language. With that in mind, I use some tools such as my eyes and a spellchecker. I also get someone else to proofread anything I write before I publish it.

You might not think it, but poor spelling and grammar will put many people off your articles. Why? Put it this way. If you can’t take the time to check your work, why should they believe or follow anything you say? They will have little confidence in what you’ve got to say.

You digress too much from the subject:

Many bloggers introduce their posts by telling a little story. People have nothing against storytellers. But, if you digress too much from your topic, you’ll end up boring your readers. Especially if you are a terrible storyteller!

So, is your content up to scratch?

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