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Top 4 Guidelines to Follow Before Buying an Electric Space Heater

Without a good heating system, you most likely cannot walk around your house in winters. Today central heating system is not the only heating technology, space heaters has wormed their way into our homes too. Being able to move the heater anywhere in the house and cost efficiency are the biggest conveniences these heaters bring us.

Unlike central heating units, electric portable heaters are used to heat up smaller spaces and individual rooms. Use them to make your house guest-friendly in winter.You might as well go for small electric heaters, as they would cost you less while providing toasty warm environment. The cost of an electric heater depends on its size and design.

There is a wide range of electric heating products available in market that you can buy as per your need. These products come with distinctive features like radiant and convection heating, safety and noise level, energy efficiency and heater wattage. It can be difficult to select the right electric heater best suiting your needs. To help you make the right decision, we have devised some guidelines you can follow before buying an electric heater.

Buying an Electric Space Heater

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Determine Why You Need an Electric Heater

First you should ask yourself, whydo I need the electric space heater? You must be clear and specific here. Maybe your main heating system does not cover a specific place and you need an electric space heater to warm that place, or you would like to buy one for a temporary personal use. Perhaps, you are looking for a cost effective option. Whatever your need maybe, temporary or permanent heating of your space, instant or slow heat buildup, these factors as well as the size of your place would help you decide the kind of electric heater most suitable for you.

Radiant Vs Convection

Radiant and Convection are two main heating technologies.Radiant heaters generate infrared radiation that builds heat instantly, but it doesn’t travel throughout the room, only objects and people near the heater feel the warmth. Unlike radiant heaters, convection heaters produce hot air that circulates in the room and generates even blast of warmth across the space, so you don’t have to be in direct line of sight of heater to ward off the chilly air.

If you want to heat up a small room for a brief period and save energy, then you should go for a radiant heater, but for larger rooms, more people and long heating, you should opt for convection heaters.

Select the Right Size of Heater

Before buying an electric heater, measure up your room and calculate how much heat it needs.It will help select the right size. Larger rooms obviously need more heat and you can determine heater wattage before making a purchase. When you know the size of heater you need for your room, select an energy efficient electric heater that would save you the trouble of paying sky high bills.

Look for Safe Electric Heaters

Electric portable heaters are convenient,yet dangerous. You can accidently trip over it and burn yourself, so you should look for one that automatically switches off when it is tipped over. Also, never drape any cover over your heater, it can catch fire easily and cause fatal accidents. Therefore, you should never forget considering safety measures before buying an electric heater.

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