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Beginner Tips for Starting Crypto Trading

Unless you have been living on the Moon for the last few years, you will have heard all about the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, for example, has had a stellar few years overall and many predict that this will carry on in 2020. This run of success has led many people to begin trading in digital currencies to make money. Crypto can be traded in the same way as stocks and normal currency now. The opportunities on offer to make money and work from home are very appealing! What are the things you should know as a new crypto trader?

Crypto Trading
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Use robotic trading software

One really good tip to help out when you begin crypto trading is to use a piece of robotic trading software to help. These basically do all the hard work of finding trading opportunities across the whole market for you and greatly reduce the amount of work involved. They are also great for beginners who may not have the skills or confidence to find their own opportunities. Easy to use, trading robots can place trades automatically for you or just notify you of any that they recommend for you to open. It is best to use online comparison sites to make finding the best trading robots simpler – visit this website for more details.

Make sure you know the basics

Even if you choose to use a robot to help you trade, it is still worth knowing the basic terminology and how the market works. This will make you feel more at ease when dealing with trades and managing your portfolio. It also makes it simpler if you do decide to handle everything that is involved with crypto trading personally. By getting the basics down, you are arming yourself with the knowledge to succeed in the long term and will make the whole journey less confusing. Knowing what can make the market move for anyone coin is also worthwhile so that you can try to predict what may happen in the future.

Pick your exchange or broker carefully

Essentially, there are only a few ways that you can trade digital currency. One is to buy and sell coins on crypto exchanges, and another is to trade in crypto stocks on the global stock exchanges, while you could also trade crypto in the same way as fiat currency with some FX brokers. Whichever you go with, the broker or exchange that you do it with is key. Make sure that you pick one that has great customer service to deal with any issues promptly and has robust website security. You should also try to find one that has a decent amount of positive reviews online and has an enjoyable interface to trade with. By doing your research here in advance, you can make sure that you choose the right one.

Be prepared to handle volatility

One of the big things to know about crypto trading is the volatility that digital currency can see. Coins such as bitcoin and Ethereum can drastically change direction in a flash, and this is true for pretty much all cryptocurrency. While this can see you profit from large upswings, the market can also head down! It is key to know about this and be prepared emotionally to handle any such sudden price moves. While the price can move one way very quickly, for example, it can then take much longer to recover to where it was. You need to appreciate this and be able to make a rational decision on whether to hang on and wait for this recovery.

Choose your trading style

Much of what will make trading cryptocurrency easier for novices lies in the preparation. A good tip is to carefully choose what your trading style will be. You may, for example, prefer to trade long term, which could see you buy or invest in a certain coin for weeks at a time. While this is less stressful and more stable, it might not be exciting enough for you. With this in mind, you may choose to trade on a much smaller timescale. Investing or buying coins for only a day or two at a time does leave you more open to market dips, but it does also make it more action-packed. The key is to trade how you like and in the style that you find more enjoyable.

Crypto trading for beginners

As with trading stocks or FX, trading in digital currency involves many of the same skills. To succeed as a newcomer to this market, you need to get a firm handle on them all before starting. This will not only help you make money in the long term but will also help you have a great time as you do.

Currency Trading

Is Now the Perfect Time to Enter the Cryptocurrency Market?

The current price of Bitcoin is nowhere near its all-time high. For some investors, this is a serious cause for concern. For others, however, it presents an excellent buying opportunity, using trading robots like Bitcoin Loophole to avoid missing out on affordable deals. More and more news keep circulating about how difficult it would be for Bitcoin to at least triple its current value by the end of the year. What you should keep in mind, however, that the true value of cryptocurrencies isn’t always measured by their price.

Cryptocurrency Market
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A Solid Foundation

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency market for some time now, then you should have some knowledge about what Bitcoin really is. As the 1st cryptocurrency, it is designed to be a medium of exchange, a form of digital cash that’s completely peer-to-peer. All transactions can be seen and thus verified. By using cryptography, these attractions are also kept safe from fraudsters. The distributed ledger technology proves revolutionary and is set to change the way businesses across different sectors operate on a daily basis.

What does this all mean for Bitcoin? It shows that Bitcoin is built on a solid foundation and runs on a trusted network. In spite of all the negative press as of late, the development team behind Bitcoin continues to make improvements to their network to better deliver on their promise of fast and cheap transactions.

The same can be said of other digital assets. The prices may be on a downward trajectory, but that isn’t necessarily because of the poor performance of cryptocurrencies. Other factors are in play, contributing to the overall decline in the cryptocurrency market.

Beating the Scaling Problem

Throughout the year, many investors have voiced out their opinions about the scaling problem that has always been linked to Bitcoin since day one. Tons of people still laugh at the idea of Bitcoin being the global currency one day. There is also the issue of being more resource-intensive and energy-hungry going forward, especially as Bitcoin inches closer to its limited supply of coins. This explains why Bitcoin transactions have slowed down and gotten more expensive.

These are real problems that must be addressed, but saying that they’ll cause the demise of Bitcoin is a bit of a stretch. And when you consider blockchain in general, then things start to look even more promising. Virtually all industries are looking at how they leveraged the power of blockchain technology to disrupt their respective sectors. Merchants across the globe are also embracing cryptocurrencies, accepting them as a legal form of paying for their goods and services.

The current prices do not reflect the real value of cryptocurrencies. Instead of only looking at the price tag, you do better by learning more about what happens behind the scenes. This allows you to see the direction toward which the cryptocurrency is headed. It’s difficult not to worry about the price is going down even further, but one year from now, you’ll probably regret not investing in the cryptocurrency market today.

Currency Trading

Three Reasons Bitcoin Shouldn’t Be Your Only Investment

Many people have become captivated by Bitcoin and the way it has risen in value from its humble beginnings. Even as it has suffered some course corrections in recent months that have diminished that value, its potential for another surge always seems to be just around the corner. That’s because Bitcoin if it makes it to its highest level, could one day replace fiat currency as the primary way that people conduct transactions. As a result, people continue to pile on board the Bitcoin train, even now that it has been around for about a decade and the initial glow has faded somewhat. For some younger investors who feel a kind of ownership towards it, they may even choose to make Bitcoin the sole asset in their portfolios.

Three Reasons Bitcoin Shouldn’t Be Your Only Investment
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It’s all right to be excited about the prospects of Bitcoin going forward. In fact, investing in Bitcoin certainly seems like a wise move overall, as the benefits that it provides to the everyday user seem to far outweigh the obstacles being thrown in its place. As a matter of fact, you would do very well as an investor to follow the lead of a trading program like Bitcoin Trader if you want to wade into the Bitcoin investing waters. But using Bitcoin as the only investment that you have isn’t the wisest move in the world, even if you believe in it with every fibre of your being. Here are a few reasons why you should think twice.

1. The Risks

All investments are risks, whether it’s the stock of a 100-year-old company or the newest digital coin offering. The risk for Bitcoin is even greater because there are many powerful institutions that see it as a nuisance and a scam. That’s not to say they’re right in any way. But it does mean that there is the possibility, however remote, that Bitcoin could one day cease to exist. Which would mean your entire nest egg would disappear as well if you made it your only investment.

2. Lack of Balance

If there is one thing that practically every investment professional agrees upon, it is the concept of diversification. Having a bunch of assets coming from different sectors of the market prevents your portfolio from taking a major hit when one struggles. This means that investing in any asset all by itself is a poor idea, not just Bitcoin.

3. Other Uses

If all you have is Bitcoin in your portfolio, you might be less inclined to use Bitcoin to buy goods and services. Considering that it is very useful in this area, both in terms of the quickness by which transactions are rendered and the lack of fees which are attached to these transactions, it might not be a wise sacrifice to make.

Bitcoin can be an effective part of a diversified portfolio, providing the potential for both short-term explosiveness and steady long-term growth. But it shouldn’t be the only egg in your investing basket.

Currency Trading

Supply and Demand and Bitcoin

Many people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of Bitcoin. The digital coins are not only a currency that allows users to buy and sell things without the interference of a third party, but they are also a kind of investment asset, one that rises and falls, sometimes at exceedingly unpredictable rates. For those at a loss when it comes to Bitcoin and its volatile value, the best way to think about it might be to go back to your old high school economics textbooks and turn to the pages concerning supply and demand. In those pages, you will find all you really need to explain why Bitcoin fluctuates in value so wildly even though it can also act as legal currency like any other money you can imagine.

Supply and Demand and Bitcoin
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Bitcoin might not have physical characteristics like the coins or bills which you can hold in your hands and exchange for goods and services. It also might not be a company which stands as the symbol of your investment capital when you buy stocks. Yet this digital creation straddles both of those realms and provides those who hold Bitcoin with both utility and value. The utility comes from the ease with which it can help people conduct transactions. The value comes from its investment potential. If you’re interested in investing but still are at sea to how Bitcoin works, you might benefit from a trading program like Bitcoin Code. If, however, you want to get a grasp on the concept, look back to the basics of supply and demand.

1. The Basics

You might remember from your school days how supply and demand works. An asset which is in demand, usually because of the scarcity of supply, will demand a high cost. Once the cost becomes too prohibitive, people will stop buying, causing the supply to increase. That will bring the cost down as sellers still try to find ways of making a profit. It is essentially a never-ending cycle that perpetuates itself again and again in the life of an asset.

2. Related to Bitcoin

The people who created Bitcoin purposely limited the amount of supply of the coins to keep its value from diluting. New coins are created each time a miner verifies a transaction over the Bitcoin network, incrementally increasing the supply of coins available. At some point, the coins will no longer be mined, or at least that was the original idea, meaning that the coins will be kept at a finite amount.

3. The Value

Because people actively buy and sell Bitcoin as if it were an asset like a stock, the amount in play is always changing dramatically, making the coins rise and fall in value. Many fears that Bitcoin will be outlawed in some way by fearful governments, at which point all value will be lost because there will be no demand for a worthless asset.

If that doesn’t occur, the fluctuation of Bitcoin prices will continue. As an investor, it helps to understand what it’s all about before making the dive, which is why going back to simple supply and demand is a good start in this process.

Currency Trading

Three Common Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency

Are you one of the many people who are a little bit lost when it comes to the digital coins known as cryptocurrency? Don’t feel bad if you are, because there are many who are just like you. Like anything new that comes into the realm of the public consciousness and grabs a lot of attention, cryptocurrency is surrounded by a lot of misinformation. Some of that misinformation comes from people who don’t take the time to sit down and understand this relatively unchallenging concept. Others simply have an ulterior motive for seeing the downfall of cryptocurrency, which means that they spread these falsehoods knowingly.

Common Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency
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Cryptocurrency can’t be all the mess that its most audible detractors make it out to be. It wouldn’t have risen in value so dramatically if it didn’t have some redeeming characteristics. That isn’t to say that cryptocurrency is without its flaws and is foolproof as either as a useful tool or an investment vehicle. Some coins are better than others, which is why a trading program such as Ethereum Code, which is enhanced by artificial intelligence, is something that can come in handy for the wannabe investor. There is a long list of misinformation surrounding cryptocurrency. Here are just a few of the biggest misconceptions.

1. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Are One and The Same

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, the first one to gain public notoriety of any kind and still the most popular, but far from the only one. In its wake, many other cryptocurrencies have arisen. In addition, many fill different niches in society than Bitcoin, which is largely used as a form of currency. Investors could gain exposure to cryptocurrency without even buying a fragment of Bitcoin.

2. Cryptocurrency Is Illegal

This prevarication likely spread from the fact that many people used Bitcoin, especially in the early days of its existence, to mask criminal undertakings. The fact that they did this proves one of the biggest boons of cryptocurrency: its privacy. You can buy or sell Bitcoin and other coins without surrendering a scrap of personal information. And, while some banks and governments have imposed some barriers to people using cryptocurrency, there is no law against it. So, if you buy some online, you don’t have to worry about the police banging on your door in a few moments.

3. It’s Difficult to Use

All you generally need to get involved with either investing in Cryptocurrency or using it as currency is someplace to store it. A cryptocurrency wallet, which can be downloadable software or a piece of hardware, is one answer. An online coin exchange is another. Once you have someplace to hold the coins, you can spend them or accept them by simply entering a password. Or you can just hold on to the coins and watch them accrue in value, which is another good thing.

Again, cryptocurrency still has many areas which need shoring up. But if you are going to dismiss it, do it because of what it is instead of what it’s not.

Currency Trading

Finding the Hidden Gems of The Cryptocurrency World

Those who invest in cryptocurrency know that the number of coins that have become available in recent years has multiplied impressively. That doesn’t in any way mean that every single coin should be worthy of an investor’s attention. Some of these coins, sadly, are nothing more than money-making scams perpetrated by those who are seeking a trendy way to get rich quick. Others still might be well-meaning but ultimately don’t have what it takes to cut through the stiff competition in the crypto realm. What investors must do is to find ways of spotting the coins that have powerful potential to be more than just an also-ran. It stands to reason that the coins that stand out from the crowded pack will be the ones with the highest value going forward.

Finding the Hidden Gems of The Cryptocurrency World
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Not every crypto coin is going to make it to the level of Bitcoin and Ethereum. As a matter of fact, very few wills. But the theory of survival of the fittest posits that there will be coins that fight off the competition and display the staying power that investors will crave. For those who find the whole world of crypto investing a bit too daunting or confusion, there are trading robots available to you, such as Crypto Code, that can solve your problems and give you the desired exposure to these assets. If you dare to look for the best bargains in the cryptocurrency world, here are some of the things you should be seeking.

1. Longevity

It’s understandable to look for the newest coins as the best bargains because they will inevitably be the cheapest in the early stages. The problem is that these coins have displayed little to no success in the market in their early stages, so you are basically taking guesses about how the market will respond to their new idea. Just because you think the idea behind a certain coin is foolproof, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world will also.

2. Track Record

If the coin has been in existence for a decent amount of time, you should have some statistical samples to back up your hypothesis on their value. Look for a coin that has been steadily marching upward in value, even if it has taken a drop or two. These coins could be the ones in for a jump when lesser competitors fall out of the picture.

3. Buzz

This is a little bit more difficult to measure, but the buzz around a certain coin should be palpable. You can check out social media to see if anyone is talking about a certain coin or look for any examples of the media giving it some press. It’s even all right if some of the buzzes are negative. If people are talking about it and not indifferent to it, the coin in question could have some legs.

It is far from an exact science to predicting which crypto coins are ready to break out. Using the tips above should help you narrow the field down to a more manageable level.