A Look at 2017 Christmas Shopping Trends

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, Christmas lights are up in towns and city centres, mulled wine is being served at Christmas markets, Christmas songs are playing in the supermarkets, and shoppers across the UK are hitting the streets frantically trying to buy the perfect presents for friends and family this Christmas.

Christmas Shopping

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Christmas Shopping

You may think everyone’s in the same boat when it comes to Christmas shopping, but are they really? and is the UK similar when it comes to Christmas shopping habits? The team at Snapfish surveyed the UK this year to find this out and came up with some interesting results.

Average Christmas Shopping Spend

48% of shoppers intend to spend between £101 and £500 on Christmas presents for their friends and family this year with only 11% of shoppers planning to be extravagant spending over £1000 on presents this Christmas. Only 3% of the UK isn’t feeling festive and won’t be buying any Christmas presents this year.

When it comes to the Christmas shopping, 42% of shoppers won’t be deviating from their shopping lists and treating themselves this year preferring instead to stick to the plan.

Regional Spending Habits

Wales and Northern Ireland spend the most on Christmas presents in the UK spending between £501 and £999 when hitting the high street for their Christmas shopping whereas shoppers in England and Scotland are more frugal spending between £101 and £500 on presents for friends and family.

Couples Spending Habits

The UK is more of a mixed bag when it comes to how much is spent on presents for partners. East Anglia, London, Northern Ireland, Wales, West Midlands, and Yorks and Humber spend between £101 and £500 where as the East Midlands, North East, North West, South East and South West spend between £51 and £100 on presents. Scots are the most frugal spending £50 or less on presents for their partners.

When it comes to couples spending their first Christmas together, 36% of couples plan on spending £51 and £100 on each other this Christmas.

Men Vs Women

Men tend to be more generous in the festive season spending more on Christmas presents for their partners than women with 38% of men spending between £101 and £500 on presents compared to women with 41% spending between £51 and £100 on their partners presents.

Women however are more generous when it comes to buying presents for family and friends however with 45% spending £50 or less on parents and 62% spending £25 or less on friends.

To Budget or Not To Budget?

A whopping 71% of the UK doesn’t set a budget for their Christmas shopping and prefer to have free reign over their spending, good news if you’re on their list.

Returning Presents

The entirety of the UK is on the same page when it comes to returning Christmas presents with the UK agreeing that it’s not ok to return them, clearly manners and politeness are still alive and well.

So there you have it, the most popular amount to spend on Christmas presents is between £101 and £500, Wales and Northern Ireland spend the most on Christmas presents, men spend more on their partners than women, Scots are the most frugal when buying presents for their partners, and most people don’t set a Christmas shopping budget.

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