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City Cars – that lose their value

CITY cars might be among the used .market’s smallest,
but they also lose the least when it comes to depreciation, say Used Car experts.

“This means that after a few years, a bigger, newer, car will be about the same price or maybe even cheaper than the equivalent-age small car,” states editor Matthew T.

But don’t be put off by that statement – there are still some small cars that lose a lot in depreciation and make for a bargain buy, he adds, citing these three vehicles:
• Daewoo Matiz – “A tiny city car for a tiny price, prices are on the floor now the brand is defunct,” says Mr T. “But it is a simple, reliable little car that is still being sold today under the Chevrolet badge, for more money.”

Used Car Experts price a 1.0 SE from 2005 at about £2,500, half the price of a new Chevrolet. You can sell it for similar money three years later, but hang on to it any longer and it loses 27 per cent.

• Smart ForFour – ‘~ grown-up Smart, which was pricey when new. As a used buy, though, it is much better value,” says Mr T.

Used Car Expert magazine says a 2006 1.5 Passion model won’t lose much

over the next year, as it has already lost 27 per cent, and aropped to under £7,000 at main dealers.
• Volkswagen Lupo

– “Well-equipped, solid, and safe. It is a prestige badge and the expensive new price keeps values high,” advises Mr T. “It is a high¬quality small car that will be easy to resell.”

Used Car Experts say a 2000 1.4 S has lost more than 20 per cent each year for the previous two years, dropping the price to £2,400 – making it a bargain.

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