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Why Businesses Should Implement Cloud Technology (Infographic)

Cloud technology is the future of computing as it provides numerous development opportunities for businesses to grow rapidly. A leading IT firm, TSG has designed an amazing infographic which shows benefits of moving to cloud technology and why it is important for the success for any business.

The infographic highlights businesses that use cloud technology are 5 times less likely to experience downtime. The length of downtime is 28 times shorter than those who do not use cloud.

Moreover, cloud technology tends to cut down the business costs and also provides the ability to easily scale up or down.

According to the infographic, 45% of the companies that have implemented private cloud solution have seen reduction in the time required to deploy applications. Furthermore, cloud solutions are flexible as tools are easily accessible from anywhere. They are more secure and offer automatic software updates.

For business agility, you must be able to adapt to the latest cloud technologies for continued growth, otherwise you will be left behind


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