Make Your Custom Trade Show Displays Stand Out

Custom trade show booths are an important way to distinguish your company from the competition. Striking, custom trade show displays designed according to your company’s vision, gives your display a distinctive identity of its own as you try to attract new business. Below are a few other things you can do to make your display stand out. Integrate Your Products into Your Custom Trade Show Displays Whenever Possible

If your company sells a tangible product, ensure that the product takes center stage at your booth. If you can, work with the company that designed your trade show display. Let them know that you want your product to be featured prominently in the design. Moreover, provide a service instead of an actual product. Consider having a spot dedicated to customer testimonials about the stellar service your business offers. This way, you’ll be able to show how well you take care of your customers.

Many companies consider paying the event organizers a fee so that they can be a formal demonstrator and this isn’t a bad idea — if the fee is within your budget. However, many businesses, especially smaller ones, find that this demonstration fee is quite expensive and out of their price range. Instead, consider having a stage or demonstration podium integrated into your custom trade show displays. You’ll be able to command a crowd, and you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the chance to show off your products.

Provide Treats for Your Attendees

It’s common for exhibitors to put out a small bowl of candy to help entice people to visit their exhibit. While there’s nothing wrong with this, you can’t stand out if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else! Instead, look for a treat that no one else has. Considering having a local bakery cater your booth with some delectable brownies, cookies, or mini cupcakes. Whatever you choose, make sure that the items are small enough for visitors to eat with one hand easily. You’ll want to leave the other hand free to carry their belongings or shake your hand when you approach them at the exhibit.

Some other exceptional promotional items that can be customized for you to treat your attendees include pens, note pads, keyrings, refrigerator magnets, chocolates and candies, calendars, bags, mugs.

Use Special Effects Like Sound and Lighting

Depending on your event, special touches like sound and lighting can be quite effective at attracting attention. However, take care not to make your booth too loud; visitors will likely avoid it. During setup, visit nearby exhibits to make sure that the music is not loud enough to bother your neighbors.

While it’s true that good looking, dynamic custom trade show display can help attract attention, don’t stop there. Work with your exhibit company to see what you can add to your display to capture, and keep, the attention of event attendees.

Depending on your budget and desired outcome. It is possible to design a custom trade show display to enhance your corporate image. There are quite a few companies specializing in custom trade show displays. Look for an experienced company that uses its expertise to work within your specifications and create a branded display that makes your company stand out and come alive in the next exhibition.

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