Dedicated Server Or VPS: Which Makes A Better Choice?

A dedicated server is placed in a remote location and has its own processor, allowing you to save and run any type of files and software you want. It lets you have your own personal space as compared to shared hosting, where you share the same server space with a number of other websites. Both dedicated and shared servers are two extremes and a medium ground between the two is offered by a Virtual Private Server (VPS). In other words, you get all the memory, hard drive storage capacity, processing power, network access along with the power to install any software on a dedicated server, while VPS puts a limit on most of these resources.

Dedicated Server Or VPS

How to Choose Between the Two: VPS or a Dedicated Server?

Virtual Private Servers permit hardware to run at a faster utilization rate than shared servers and are available for a smaller price tag compared to dedicated servers. You can take VPS plan as a big brother of the shared web hosting with no restrictions on installing and running CPU/memory intensive modules or software, have a minimum allocation of resources guaranteed 24/7, and the ability to control your server including rebooting and installing resource-hungry software packages (not available in all VPS plans though). On the other hand, owing a dedicated server means owning your own computer; use it the way you want. Selecting between the VPS and Dedicated servers depends on what your preferences are. You can base your decision by keeping the following things in mind:


Dedicated servers are essentially more expensive than VPS because they are more powerful giving you full control of the server. VPS, in contrast, comes with divided resources with limited control. If you are on a limited budget and aren’t comfortable with shared hosting but wish for a medium ground between both shared and dedicated hosts, go for VPS! However, if money is not a constraint, choose dedicated servers as they offer more features.


Security concerns about Virtual Private Servers are higher than those in dedicated servers. Monitoring a VPS is difficult than checking on a dedicated server because it is hard to patch up all virtual servers operating on a range of operating systems. VPS need high maintenance and are more prone to hacking. If you have long-term plans with your website and want to make a business out of it, go for dedicated servers. If, on the contrary, you are in preparation to host a site with only basic information about a product that doesn’t need to be highly protected, decide for VPS. VPS still offers better security than shared hosting.


Dedicated servers offer more control than VPS. For instance, if you ever feel to customize your server, you can do so very easily with a dedicated server, but complete customization won’t be possible with a VPS. Dedicated servers offer more choice in terms of bandwidth allocation and storage space with the overall performance being better than VPS. VPS does offer privacy and security, as well as, control but dedicated servers definitely take the leap. Upgrading your bandwidth, storage or other resources may not be very easy if you choose the former.

The thumb rule for choosing between a dedicated server and VPS is assessing your needs first and then making a feasible choice. If you have to entertain private data and have big plans for your website, I would recommend you to select a dedicated server, but if only a simple website is required that marks your company’s online presence, prefer VPS.

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