Survey Reveals 65% People Feel the Need for Digital Detoxing

According to a latest survey by Cartridge Save, 65% people prefer to take time off the internet. This survey was conducted as a reaction to the raising trend of being logged-in on the internet all the time.

Today, everyone has their virtual presence on the internet, and by everyone, I mean 88% of the world’s population uses the internet, 99% of which are adults aged 16 to 24. A change was, however, noticed as an act of retaliation for continuously using digital devices such as the smartphones. The online cartridge company researched on ‘digital detoxing’ and found that 65% of internet users confess they wish to take some time off the internet.

Digital Detoxing

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The survey involved 1,026 Britishers who were asked about their most enjoyed offline hobbies. 49% respondents declared baking to be their best pastime, whereas 40% declared gardening their number one interest. This figureis 60% for people above age 55. Some people also declared artistic activities, up cycling furniture and sewing as their favourite past time.

Interestingly, the most popular hobby for people aged between 18 and 34 was found to be journaling. About 10% claimed to enjoy time spent away from their computers and laptops while penning down their thoughts in the good old traditional way using a pen,copying the recent trend of bullet journaling.

You can keep a bullet journal instead of using an app on their mobile. You can utilise it for tracking your to-do lists, plan your day, week, month or future, sketch, write and doodle in it. You can also keep a check on your finances, your fitness plan and other important routine activities instead of using your phone for these purposes. These are designed in such a way that they not only are aesthetically appealing but also fulfill a user’s needs.

When Cartridge Save asked blogger show they find writing a journal by their hands, how much they enjoy it and what part they find most appealing, they said:

I find myself online now more than ever, so keeping a journal has become a great release for me and an essential part of my week…it’s become a wonderful creative outlet enabling me to express myself, exploring who I am, and who I want to be.

  • Thea Price, Thea’s Thinkings

Journalling allows me to connect pen with paper; it is tangible. I can feel what I am writing and commit to in a way I just don’t when I type. It gives me space to pause…I often type mindlessly. Journalling is less easy to erase and I am not distracted by social media, just totally focussed on what I am doing. It is purposeful.

  • Becky Goddard-Hill, A Beautiful Space

I love the fact that you can use the journal for everything – ideas, inspirations, brainstorming blog posts, and obviously as a weekly planner so everything is one convenient place. I find it so much more useful than saving ideas to my phone and then not being able to remember where!

  • Victoria Davies, Snappable Musings

Regarding this survey the Managing Director of Cartridge Save, Ian Cowley, said: “We can definitely understand the need to switch off from technology and pick up a book, a pen or even a needle and thread and do something offline. From our results, it seems like there’s been a backlash against the immediacy of phones and always being reachable today – people want to take a break every so often.”

He also said:

“The ease and convenience of everything being online nowadays means that the old arts feel like they’re getting forgotten, so it’s great to see that people are still going back to the good old fashioned ink pen and paper as well as typing out their thoughts on computers. It’s the combination of both that seems to make people happy.”

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