9 Basics Every Dirt Bike Racer Must Know

Dirt bikes are made for offroad riding and can throw you 10 feet high in the air. However, you need professional training to perform a stunt beyond 2 feet, and remain safe in your stunts. Apart from training, you need best quality gears from Bike Bandit. When you are about to hit the dirt, it is important to know when to stand, sit, lean or throttle. All these techniques come with experience and professional training. This article would guide you to the basics of dirt bike racing:

Dirt Bike Racer

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1) Dirt Bike Gear:

Your dirt bike gear must include helmet, gloves and an appropriate suit. The racing attire is not a fashion; it is made keeping in mind this particular sport.

2) Body Position:

Positioning your body accurately at the right time is the hardest part of dirt bike riding. The following should serve as a good advice for riders:

  • For better control use your knees to hold the gas tank
  • For ease, locate the best area on the foot pegs; it is mostly around your feet
  • Lean ahead, keep your elbows out and arms up i.e. away from the body

3) Use of Clutch:

Never use dirt bike clutch for downshifting. Many dirt bike riders try to reduce the bike’s speed on a turn by downshifting, which is a wrong way. You must use brake wisely to maneuver the turn safely.

4) Maintaining Balance:

Stably riding a dirt bike requires lots of practice. However, the key for beginners to gain balance is to practice while standing during most of the ride rather than sitting.

5) Using Your Feet For Control:

In dirt bike riding, landing your feet on ground around corners can do wonders for a smooth ride. It not only helps to retain balance but also allows you to control speed. Drop your leg straight out pointing your toes up. Practice is the key here!

6) Keeping Your Head Up For A Smooth Ride:

Keeping your head down leads to loss of balance in clutch and brake control. Professionals, therefore, suggest to keep your heads up at all times.

7) Strong Retention:

A biker who thinks strength is the key to dirt bike riding is heavily mistaken. Before starting a race every rider should explore the track and remember the spots where surprises can weaken their flow.

8) Brake Check:

Sometimes, a rider while in a corner apply brakes with the intention of fooling the rider behind him. The rider behind also applies brakes, breaking his momentum. So, beware of such reverse block passes.

9) Block Pass:

While in a corner, one rider makes the other lose speed. Beginners should master the skill on their ride, with their heads up and not looking toward the riders passing by.

Summing up, practice, practice and more practice is the key to perform dirt bike stunts. The stunts, however, will always be risky if your bike isn’t maintained well. Make sure your bike is in top condition. You can always find genuine but cheap dirt bike parts online.

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