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Fiat 500 convertible

If you are after a cute car then you won’t find much better than the Fiat 500 C.  It would not be too sexist to describe this as more of a woman’s car; in fact it is already predominately females who have snapped these up since release. That is not to say that men can’t get be proud owners of these nifty little vehicles because the can. It just seems obvious that Fiat had females in mind when they designed this car.

Design of the Fiat 500 C

Some people have described this car as having a dinky look with a bit of Mediterranean spirit. As well as being a fun way to get from A to B when you drive this car you will feel like you are making a fashion statement. With the roof back and the sun in your hair it would be hard not to feel like the eyes of the world are upon you. The Fiat 500 C has a bubble shape and the roof is a unique design; when you open up yourself to the elements you still will have roof pillars in place. Another thing to say is that it is only possible to purchase this Fiat in cheerful pastel colours.

Under the Hood

The Fiat 500 C is probably more about looks than performance and so if you are after a serious car for driving then this is probably not for you. The 1.2 litre petrol engine produces a modest 69 bhp. Those who have driven the car may complain that the handling could be better, but that it never becomes such an issue as to detract from its cuteness. The top speed is around a 100 mph.
There is also a 1.4 litre petrol engine that can provide 100 bhp.

Inside the Fiat 500 C

Much of the cars appeal can be viewed from the outside looking in but this does not mean that the inside is lacking in any department. The car comes with airbags as standard and the solid doors and handles mean that those in the car are offered a lot of safety. One criticism though is that once the roof is back it compromises the ability to see out the back; driver’s then need to rely almost completely on the side mirrors. The alternative is to only roll the roof back half way and that way you can have the roof and the back window.

Some Final Thoughts

This car is more about looks then performance but there is nothing wrong with that. Driving should not be all about just getting from one place to another; the journey is just as important as the destination. The great thing about the Fiat 500 C is that it will make the journey fun; it would be hard to be serious when driving around in a car like this one. If you think that your life could do with a bit more cuteness then you should certainly at least consider the Fiat 500 C.

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