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How You Can Reach Your 2018 Fitness Goals This Year

In 2018 there are going to be plenty of people who set a goal to be in the best shape of their lives. The fact is that a majority of the people who set this goal are not going to attain it. The main obstacle that many people face is staying motivated when they don’t feel like they are any closer to their goals.

Fitness Goals

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Breaking through plateaus is a part of getting into the best physical fitness of your life. There are other factors that play along with this as well that can make getting into shape a bit easier. The following are tips to get into the best shape of your life in 2018 without failing.

gym regularly

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Diet is Key

Those trying to get into shape think that if they go to the gym regularly that they can eat whatever they want. Even those who look like they are in great shape can have high cholesterol or body fat due to eating a terrible diet. Simply by being proactive about eating healthy you can eliminate a majority of the unhealthy foods that you eat. There are times when you need to supplement your diet as you cannot get all of the nutrients that you need. Looking into a vitamin & supplements store can help your nutritional game step up. Find what you are lacking and supplement it with a powder or pill that can make a huge difference!

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Switch Up Your Routine

Too many people trying to get into shape think the same workout over and over will get them the results that they want. Try to do a different routine a few times a week such as switching up how you do cardio. Instead of running try swimming or biking as both of these are low impact and will be healthy to perform even on the sorest of joints. Try to do a couple different 90 or 30 day challenges to try to see what garners results for you. This can help you stay motivated as well as most challenges have different rules. Go for a challenge that you think will be easy first then gradually work your way up to the challenges that will be the most difficult for you.

Slowly Ramp Your Workouts Up

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Slowly Ramp Your Workouts Up

The worst thing that you can do after not exercising for a while is to go crazy during your first week of exercising with expert type workouts. This can lead to you being too sore to work out but it can also result in injury in some cases. Nothing can derail a fitness quest like an injury to a knee or your back. Do less than you are capable of doing for the first couple of weeks to acclimate your body to exercising again. Those people who have had prior injuries should be extra cautious on any exercises that stress the previously injured part of the body.

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Have Someone Hold You Accountable

The best thing that you can do is having some kind of workout partner or someone to hold you accountable at the least. Letting you down is one thing by skipping a workout but leaving someone to work out alone is another. Picking a partner with similar goals or who have more experience in getting into shape is quite wise. Let this person know your ultimate goals so they can help motivate you. A workout partner will allow you to go to the gym from peer pressure even though it is the last thing you want to do. You will always feel good about what you have accomplished in the gym when you did not want to be there in the first place.

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