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3 Reasons You can’t Get Rid of a Bad Smell

It’s frustrating when funny smells pop up in your home. It’s tempting to light a candle or open the windows, but that doesn’t always make the source of the smell go away.

Trying to Cover It

Air fresheners and products like Febreze are great in a bind, but they aren’t permanent solutions. When you have mold, smelly pets, cigarette smoke, or other suspicious smells in your home, covering the smell will do one of two things. You will either end up with an unpleasant mix of the fragrance and the bad smell, or the scent will cover it until your solution fades away and the smell is back. The only real solution is to fix the source of the smell.

Get Rid of a Bad Smell

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If you have pets, bathe them regularly or have them groomed. Also vacuum your house frequently if your pet sheds. Don’t smoke in the house because the smell gets absorbed by insulation and your walls. It’s not good for the air quality in your home, and it’s one of the hardest smells to remove. If you have mold in your home, you need to tackle that problem directly. Mold smells bad, and it’s dangerous for your health. Unfortunately, lighting a candle or using a spray just won’t fix the problem.

Assuming It Will Go Away

When there is a lingering smell, hoping it will go away typically isn’t the best solution. You need to find the source so you can figure out how to get rid of it. Otherwise, the smell will linger or get worse. Finding the source is sometimes easy. If it’s in the refrigerator, you probably have bad food you need to throw away. If it’s around your trash can, hopefully taking out the trash solves the issue.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that obvious.

If you have a smell throughout your house, the problem could be in your insulation or air ducts. If you can smell the odor from your home registers, that’s an even bigger issue. Sometimes animals crawl into your air ducts in the winter to stay warm and get stuck or die. You’ll need to call in a professional to remove the animal and get rid of the bad smell in your home.

When the smell is coming from your registers, but isn’t from an animal, it could signify a problem with your HVAC system. Change your air filters and see if that fixes the problem. If your HVAC system is aging, the smell could stem from needing a new air filter or complete system. Older systems can hurt your indoor air quality and your utility bills.

Fixing Part of the Problem

If you don’t find the source and fix the entire problem, you will get stuck with lingering smells. If the smell is from bad food in your fridge, you need to clean the fridge, and not just throw out the food. Taking out the trash is useful unless the garbage has leaked into the trash can. Vacuuming pet hair and dander won’t work unless you brush and bathe your pet regularly. Finally, changing kitty litter won’t help if the litter box is leaking.

A bad smell in your home indicates a bigger issue. Trying to cover the smell or hoping it will go away isn’t very effective. Once you find the source and fix that problem, you no longer have to worry about the smell.

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