Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2016

Career prospect means actually doing what you love doing best. A survey taken at the end of February 2016 reveals that after data of employment gathered from hundreds of business establishments from across the globe, it was discovered that out of the most highest paying occupations, the majority of them were from the medical field. No surprise at all since doctors are responsible for the safety and well being of the patients, prior to and  after treatment. Doctors spend more time with their patients than any other profession. Here are the ten highest paying jobs of 2016 as per the annual wages data collected and growth outlook tracked over a 10 year span.



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It is not surprising that health industry has the most skilled careers as they require specialised knowledge. Anestholigists attract the highest salary because of the intensive schooling and training needed to enter into the profession.



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Another top paying job because of the specialty involved depending on the type of surgery to be performed. A neurosurgeon, for example, may be at the highest end of the spectrum while others at the lower end.



This is another very high paying job as more and more people opt for medical insurance.  These are the persons we rush to after we find irregular freckles, with coughs and colds and when dad’s heart skips a beat. A population with increasing health concerns will always fuel this demand.



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This job requires management and designing and maintenance of software programmes. With the field expected to rapidly advance with the advancement of technology, this profession is certain to become one of the top paying professions in the years to come.


With a prospective growth outlook of 11% the job of heading an organisation is not only challenging but full of stress, which is reflected by their high median of salary. Though it can inflict a lot of harm, being amorphous in nature, it can elevate you quickly to the next high level.



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This is another specialised field which requires extensive training but in return gives ample rewards. It opens up a world of professional opportunities, in addition to private practice and s competitive salary along with a substantial work-life balance


This is a very selective career, not suiting everyone. That is because in order to become a successful CA, it requires four years of academic study followed by three years of practical training, calling for untold sacrifices and talent, which in the end do realise into a very rewarding profession.


A job as an IT manager requires monitoring of operations, technological solutions and build cost efficient systems. With the race in technology rapidly growing day by day, so is the demand for IT managers and professionals.



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There is no person or organisation which is immune from legal problems that require an expert legal and sound understanding. This is the sole reason that demand for good attorneys is ever on the rise. Lawyers act as advocates as well as attorneys and have different duties depending on their workplace. Lawyers draw a large salary which increases with experience and expertise.



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Flying an airplane is fun. Getting paid for it is even better. It is an ever travelling work place with constantly changing views and exhilarating experiences. With the phenomenal growth in air travel around the world, experienced pilots are in great demand. Attaining the goal of a skillful pilot involves a lot of money and hours and hours of flying to just qualify to become one. However, once done, the opportunities are endless.

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