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Looking Ahead to Winter: Home Improvement Ideas to Enhance Natural Light in your Home

As the dark nights start to creep in, it can leave our homes feeling a little gloomy. You find yourself reaching for the light switch earlier and the thought of increasing electricity bills lingers in the back of the mind.

While artificial light offers a solution, natural light provides us with much more benefits. A study from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois found more exposure to natural light led to better sleep quality, longer sleep duration and increased productivity. With such outstanding results as these, why not take the opportunity to create a healthier, happier, brighter home.

Whether you live in a rural area or a city, there is a tip or trick right for you to enhance the natural light in your home. Here, we look at 4 home improvement ideas that you can explore.

1) Letting Daylight in:

Home Improvement Ideas to Enhance Natural Light in your Home

An easy step to enhance natural light into your home is making sure daylight can access it. Make sure to keep any trees or plants that may be growing outside your windows and doors trimmed so that sunlight isn’t being blocked. Also, make sure glass doors windows are kept clean to keep light flowing in.

2) New Doors:

New Doors

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If you’re fortunate enough to live in a rural area, such as Gloucestershire, beautiful countryside provides great light. Installing larger windows and bifold doors are the best way to maximise natural light as this opens up a room. Bifold doors Gloucestershire or anywhere with rolling hills and wide-open spaces can transform your entire room, allowing for wonderful views of the Cotswold Hills as well as taking full advantage of the natural light. Bifold doors allow for light to flood into your home whether open or closed, creating a space where you’ll want to spend more time in.

3) Décor Refresh:

Décor Refresh

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There are plenty of décor tricks that will enhance the natural light in your home. Dark curtains and blinds made from heavy fabrics can absorb and block any light from coming in. Switching them out in favour of lighter shades and curtains made from lighter fabrics will allow the daylight to spread through your room.

Likewise, repainting walls with lighter colours will allow light to reflect in a room, minimising any dark areas in your room. Using paints with a satin finish will help light to reflect over a matt paint. Couple this with metallic or shimmery accessories that will further reflect the light.

4) Mirrors:


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Another great trick is to use reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, so that light bounces off them. Mirrors reflect light, so the more mirrors the more natural light can be maximised! Positioning a mirror on the wall opposite your window will reflect as much light as possible into your room. This will also reflect the light off other reflective surfaces in your room.

Similarly, using furniture and accessories with reflective or mirrored surfaces to reflect light in your home. Incorporating items such as reflective coffee tables, or chrome and metallic photo frames into your room will further enhance natural light.

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