3 Smart Ways To Create A Home Your Pet Will Love

Owning a pet and keeping it healthy doesn’t mean your home must suffer. You can show off your personal style and make a nice, safe home for your pet. Incorporating specific types of flooring, fabric, and furnishings lets you design a welcome home for humans and animals.

Home Your Pet Will Love

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Camouflage the Pet Hair:

Face it, pets shed and furniture seems to attract hair even when you make your pets stay off. Instead of constantly fighting the hair, pick colors that match your animal’s fur. Avoid white at all costs because it shows hair and dirt the most. Also, choose durable fabrics and stay away from velvet or chenille, as they are magnets for fur. You don’t need to give up style, just pick carefully.

Camouflage the Pet Hair

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Try Crypton Super Fabric, a synthetic material that is germ- and stain-resistant. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns for upholstery or furniture covers. Even pet beds come made with this fabric. Other sturdy fabrics to consider are denim, ultra-suede, or leather. These long-lasting fabrics are easy to care for, reducing time spent on chores.

Carpeting shows pet hair too, especially light colors. Choose a carpet color close to your pet’s fur color. If you have multiple pets in assorted colors, try a multicolored or patterned carpet. Or skip the carpet and use ceramic tile, hardwood, or painted concrete. Hard surfaces are easy to clean but can cause your pet to slip. Make use of area rugs with slip-proof backing to both prevent slips and protect floors from pet accidents or sharp claws.

Make a Safe Environment:

Everything from insecticides to soap and cleaning products is toxic to pets. Always make sure to keep these products away from pets in out of reach places. But while labels show which products are toxic, household plants can pose hazards too. The ASPCA website lists plants both harmful and safe for animals, so check that list before adding plants to your décor.

Make a Safe Environment

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Animals can have allergies too. Dust, mold, and bacteria cause breathing difficulties for you and your pet. Just changing the air filter monthly cuts down on irritants in the air and helps everyone breathe easier.

Be careful with electric cords. Some pets love chewing on cords, no matter how many toys they have. Keep cords tucked under rugs or secured along walls, and store phone chargers where your pet cannot reach.

Create Comfortable Pet Spaces:

Pet furniture and feeding equipment are nicer than ever. It’s easy to find pet beds that blend well with your décor. Build your own cat climbing post in a corner of a room. Have it go from the floor to the ceiling and adorn it with cute baskets for cozy afternoon naps. Sisal is an ideal lining for these cat trees because it won’t become fuzzy like carpeted scratching posts. Feeding stations look great when built into benches, old trunks, or wooden crates, and painted galvanized buckets are perfect containers for dry pet food.

Create Comfortable Pet Spaces

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Pets are part of the family and their belongings need to blend in with your style. Keeping your furry friends safe, warm, and comfortable lets them know they are loved.

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