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Honda FCX Clarity

The hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity is now a reality for those hoping to get away from their reliance on oil based fuels. This is to be the first commercially available fuel car and many claim that it heralds the arrival of a new future in vehicles. No wonder there is so much interest and excitement around this new vehicle. This has already become a hit with celebrities around the world, but we will need to wait and see what this car means for the rest of us.

The Design of the Honda FCX Clarity

The Honda FCX Clarity looks good, but the overall impression of the car fails to match the innovation under the bonnet. There are a few modern touches but in many ways it looks the same as a lot of cars that have gone before. The outside shell of the car is made with pressed steel in an attempt to reduce costs of production and to dampen noises; there was some talk originally of using carbon fibre.  This car was never really going to be about beauty for beauty’s sake so it is probably unfair to expect too much in that department.

Under the Hood

The engine in the Honda FCX Clarity is innovative, and performs a lot better than many people might have expected. In ten seconds it is possible to go from 0 to 60 miles in ten seconds. You can also expect a top speed of about 100 miles an hour. There were some concerns that the test engine would make some whining noises but that problem is now resolved and now all you will find is a pleasant hum.  Those who intend the buy the car will have their own ‘home energy station’ where they can use gas to produce hydrogen for the car. They will need to refill about every 270 miles.

Inside the Honda FCX Clarity

The inside of this hydrogen fuelled Honda has been nicely laid out. Some of the materials used in the seats are apparently edible as they are made from a type of corn; it would probably not be a good idea to attempt to eat your seat no matter how hungry you are though. The dash board is well laid out and looks impressive as well as practical.

Some Final Thoughts

It may take a bit of time for the hydrogen car to capture the public’s imagination and so for many the Honda FCX Clarity will have a novelty value rather be than something they actually want to own or rent. Maybe this car is the future but that future has not quite arrived for many people. Honda have done themselves proud with the Honda FCX, but it will probably be a few more models before this type of car hits the mainstream.  The 270 limit means that this current version of the car will be impractical for a lot of people; unless of course a whole chain of refill stations appear around the country over the next few months.

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