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How to Automate Your Home for Smarter Features

Smart homes are all the rage these days, and the reason is understandable. Homeowners now have the ability to wire their houses in a way that allows them to control devices from their smartphones. It’s a tremendous advance in convenience, and people should embrace it. Here’s a guide on how to automate your home for smarter features.

Add a Controller

The first step that you should take is to buy a controller. You want one device that will work as a hub, turning several devices on and off as needed. The best controller on the market now is Amazon Echo. At its core, this device is a wireless assistant, but it’s also great at managing other electronics in your home.

How to Automate Your Home for Smarter Features

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Amazon Echo uses API apps as a programming tool kit. Developers of emerging technologies can code tools that enable communication between Alexa and the devices. With an Amazon Echo, you can use audio activation to do a number of household tasks.

Smart Lights

Once you install an Echo in your home, you need to add a few items to interact with it. By purchasing the right light bulbs, you can automate all the light switches in your house. Several brands sell smart lights, with a price range of $20 to $50. The recommended brand is Philips Hue, as it was the original Echo-compliant bulb.

You can follow the setup instructions that come in the box, and several tutorial videos are available online as well. Once you’ve finished installation, you can direct the Echo to turn the lights on and off. Some smart lights even have dimmer systems, giving you complete audio control of the illumination in each room of your home.

Smart Thermostat

The temperature in your home is important for several reasons. You need to cool or heat the various rooms, depending on the season. You also have some rooms that need more ventilation than others. Finally, the cost of your energy bill depends on the amount of energy that your HVAC unit uses.

For these reasons, you need a smart thermostat. With this device, you automate your home such that you have complete control of the temperature. When you give a voice command through the Echo, your thermostat will turn on or off the heat/air, depending on your needs. You can request a specific temperature like 72 degrees, or you can ask for something more basic like lowering the temperature by a couple of degrees. Thanks to a smart thermostat, you will feel more comfortable and save money on your utility bill.

Smart Door Lock

Do you have a car that doesn’t require a key? This option has grown in popularity due to its convenience. In recent years, home automation has added this functionality, too. You can now buy a smart door lock, and this device will give you access to your home without your having to use a key. Some of these locks even work with the Echo, meaning that you can open your door using only your voice! It’s the ultimate in modern convenience!

Amazingly, the suggestions listed here are only a start. After you install these smart devices, you’ll quickly want to make your house a complete smart home!

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