Attack of the Clones: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Car Cloning Scam

Today, the art of stealing cars has become so sophisticated that usual tools do not help much. It is easy to put the ID and license plate number of some vehicle on a street to the one with a salvage status and make it so adroitly that even the most attentive car specialist will not detect any fraud. This vehicle cloning practice has become very popular but it doesn’t tell that used car buyers are not protected from that. They can protect themselves by following simple pieces of advice.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Car Cloning Scam

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Basics of Car Cloning:

Car fraudsters are not stupid. As soon as they’ve known that most people have started using several VIN checking websites, they started acting very cautiously and thoroughly. They try to find the same model of identical firm so that when buyers check the, they will not even suspect a vehicle being cloned. As they want this vehicle to be fully concealed, they copy everything including:

  1. VIN, an identification number, containing all manufacturing details, when it was completed and where. Also, note that VIN number is located in numerous places of a vehicle and not everywhere it can be counterfeited;
  2. License plate, a car’s part, which reveals not only its identity by some unique plate number but also its ownership details and status of its title (if this vehicle has a salvage title, it will resemble on a license plate);
  3. Printing fake documents: This is the easiest part and if document’s fraud is combined with VIN fraud and license plate fraud, it makes deception literally impossible to detect

Some Practical Guidelines to Not Fall Into a Trap:

Practical Guidelines to Not Fall Into a Trap

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The first thing you should do to detect car cloners is to ensure that the seller owned this car in the past. Detecting that is easy, when you call your seller, ask him what car are we talking about. If seller doesn’t know – it is either used car dealer or a fraudster, selling junk vehicles as a way of doing business. In any case, you will not buy a good vehicle from them so if the seller has no idea of what he sells, better put the phone down.

After that, you should look at vehicle’s market value. If deviation from the market value is higher than 20-30%, the seller is more likely to hide some information. There is no seller ready to sell under the market price unless he wants to get rid of this vehicle for some reasons (which you might also not like). In any case, you are not a stupid fish to bite the low-price prey. There are no miracles in this world and even if something sounds like a miracle, there are also some lucrative motives standing behind them.

All in all, purchasing a vehicle is an exciting time, sure, but it can bring a lot of stress, too… especially when buying a used vehicle. After all, someone else or maybe more people have owned this car. You should know exactly what you’re getting.

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