How to Choose The Right Site Office?

On a construction site, the site office is where it all happens! Not only does the office act as a focal point for visitors, but it’s also where you’re likely to find everything from the site manager to a first aid kit! The hub of any development, it is arguably one of the most important features you’ll find on-site.

Tips for Choosing the Right Site Office for Your Needs

Each project will have slightly different requirements when it comes to their office, which is why it’s important to take a few moments to work out what type of office accommodation is going to be best. Here we offer five top tips for selecting the site office hire option that’s right for you.

how to choose right site office

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Decide the function of the office

Site office function varies depending on the project. Some offices have primarily operational functions, whereas others are also focal points for strategic planning, meetings with external partners and a hub for managerial activity. Similarly, some offices are for use by the management team alone, whereas some also have facilities which are used by site workers. It may also be used as a first-aid point, emergency meeting point in the event of a fire or other disasters, a base for an on-site security team or an equipment store. Being clear regarding how your office is going to be utilised makes it easier to work out which site office hire choice is going to work best.

Consider location

Ideally, the size of the site office should be determined by its function: if a workers’ canteen or toilet/shower facilities are required, the premises need to be larger. Alternatively, if the office is intended to provide accommodation to just a handful of people, a more modestly sized building is going to suit. That said, it’s also important to consider where the office is going to be located. Particularly in urban areas where development is taking place within a tightly constrained space, thought needs to be given to where the office will sit and how much site space can really be given over for the office function.

Do all office facilities need to be in one place?

It’s important that the way in which your site office space is configured is such that it offers optimal efficiency and easy use. This may mean that some facilities are better off being located in a separate building: for example, a canteen maybe more appropriately located some distance from an office that’s being used for strategic planning meetings. Similarly, it may be better to hold meetings off-site and keep the office small.

Is security an issue?

Site security is always a priority, but in some cases, the office may need to be far more secure than in others. Whilst paperwork is of value, it’s not usually such an attractive target as a costly plant or other equipment. If site equipment is stored in the office, the unit needs to be secure enough to keep it safe. When considering site office hire, it’s worth looking at some of the models on the market which are specifically designed with a high level of security in mind.

Project time-scales

A longer-term project, particularly one that’s going to extend into the winter months, is going to require a more robust site office that has superior insulation. If you’re not sure how long a project will last, we recommend selecting a model that can take you through several seasons comfortably.

The right site office can absolutely transform the way you work. Take a look at all the hire options available before making your final decision.

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