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How To Create The Perfect Workspace

For anyone who spends the majority of their working day looking at a computer screen, it can sometimes start to affect your body in a number ways. The most common side effects of working at a desk are usually aches and pains, especially around your back area and headaches due to the monitors. Although we only consider factors that affect our physical health when working at a desk, overall it has a big impact on your mind, body, and soul.

Whether it’s in an office or at home, making a few small changes can help towards creating the perfect workspace and hopefully create a good balance to help improve your productivity and concentration. To explore this in further detail, office furniture experts Furniture At Work, have created a guide which looks at the ways in which your workspace can affect you and how you can improve it.

How To Create The Perfect Workspace

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Give Your Mind Some TLC:

The mind is an important part of your body and plays a big part in how we function. If your mind isn’t relaxed and is overworked, it’s inevitable that your concentration levels will drop, which in turn will affect your productivity. It’s surprising what small changes can be made to your workspace to help relax your mind and make you feel more alert. Introducing specific colours to your surroundings has been known to help, with blue, green and purple being recommended.

Look After Your Physical Health:

It’s common to suffer from the odd ache and pain when sitting at a desk all day, but this can be prevented. To begin with it’s important you support your posture by using the correct furniture, in particular, an office chair which aids your posture and keeps you in an upright position. Although you may have the correct chair to sit on, it’s important to take regular breaks away from your desk to give your eyes a break and stretch your legs.

Replenish Your Soul:

After you’ve made a few slight adjustments to help boost your mind and body, it’s now time to focus on your soul. When sitting at a desk all day, it’s important to make sure you nourish your soul with the correct foods. Between phone calls, meeting and general admin tasks, it’s sometimes more convenient to snack on sweeter treats, rather than healthier snacks. No matter what your job is it’s important to exercise at home, but especially if your job isn’t very active. If you’re not exercising regularly and snacking on sugary food throughout the day, you’re bound to feel a lack of energy. It’s important to snack savvy throughout the day and consume the right amount of fruit and veg to keep you fuelled for the day ahead.

Whilst working at a desk all day, you need to make sure you look after your mind, body, and soul. We all want to be as productive as possible but various factors can distract us, so introducing a few of the points mentioned will hopefully help combat these distractions.

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