How to Improve Your PCs Speed

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow, sluggish computer which can cause hindrances for businesses, gamers and internet browsers. Lagging, buffering and long waiting times can cause a company to lose customers, result in unfortunate in-game deaths, missed opportunities on gambling bonuses (you’ll find examples here) and the inability to do anything remotely useful.

Of course, Apple fans will find their Macs invincible. However, Windows PCs can suffer from bugs, viruses or an absurd amount of applications running in the background, slowly draining your computer’s performance. Therefore, here is a guide on how to increase your computer’s speed.

How to Improve Your PCs Speed

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Clean Out the System

While increasing the RAM and upgrading the CPU and GPU can improve a computer’s performance, cleaning out the system is a good starting point and could save you from spending money on any unnecessary additions. To go about cleaning out your computer, make sure to delete junk files, empty your recycling bin and delete temporary files. Also, ensure you have uninstalled unused programs by removing them from your ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ function in the Control Panel.

Defrag the Hard Drive

Sometimes your computer’s performance slows down because your hard drive becomes fragmented, and this is because your computer has to check multiple places on your drive for those pieces. However, you can use the built-in tool in Windows to defragment your files. Experts say a monthly defrag is sufficient, but if you are a heavy user, you should consider doing it every two weeks. By doing so, your computer can access files more quickly and improve your computer’s performance.

Increase RAM Memory

You can physically alter your computer when trying to improve its performance, and upgrading the RAM is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to do so. Even if you have bought a new computer, the bare minimum of its memory is installed; therefore, this tip is useful for new laptop owners or those trying to resurrect their PCs from the dead. Although this is a painless task, make sure to do your homework.

Be Serious About Viruses

Windows computers do not have the same luxuries as Apple users, who have antivirus software built into their Macs. Instead, Windows users need to buy and install their own antivirus to ensure they remain protected from the constant streams of viruses online. Additionally, install AdBlocker which can keep annoying ads at bay. It also keeps your computer safe from malware and phishing. However, some streaming sites no longer allows AdBlocker to be enabled when watching videos. Therefore, unless the videos are streamed from sites such as HBO, the BBC, etc., it is safe to stay away from illegal streaming sites.

Upgrade to an SSD Drive

Finally, you could consider swapping out your hard drive for an SSD drive which is much faster than its hard drive predecessor. SSDs make your PC faster, and programs feel much more responsive; they also load data straight away, without having to wait for a hard drive to warm up as there are no moving parts. Therefore, movements and impact that could damage a hard drive do not affect an SSD drive. However, SSDs are much more expensive.

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