How To: Make Your Office Slick and Modern

To have an effective business, you’ll need more than an entrepreneurial mindset, and you need more than a good group of staff.  If you want to present yourself as a hip and happening business executive, you’re going to need the perfect building.

This doesn’t mean your building will have to resemble Google’s hyper-expensive HQ. Even the smallest, most boutique of businesses can present itself as cutting edge. All it needs is a little bit of panache.

Make Your Office Slick and Modern

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And panache is exactly what you need, especially if you want to impress certain clients. Although it might seem shallow, first impressions count more than anything else in the business. If a client wanders into a company’s premises and thinks it looks past its sell-by-date, your whole enterprise could be toast.

So whether you’re running a cool and laidback media agency or a petite clothing firm, there are plenty of catch-all ways that you can make your business look amazing.


There are fewer things cooler in a media agency than a mezzanine floor. With their rustic aesthetic and crisp cool feel, a hip company needs only a mezzanine to indicate it’s on the cutting edge.

But what exactly is a mezzanine? Essentially it’s a platform held up by steel girders and can double your space in an instant.

Mezzanine floor construction can take a few weeks (depending on the size of your workplace), so bear in mind your profits might suffer while it’s being built.

But once it’s done, the cost will be worth the wait. You’ll enjoy extra space without having to change the premises. What could be better?


It’s one thing sticking up a motivational poster on your office wall and claiming your workplace has personality, but it’s entirely different to actually design an office in line with your brand aspirations.

This is a delicate art, and first takes a little bit of knowledge about your brand personality. Are you aiming for cool youths or silver-haired old people? Working-class or middle class? Telly lovers or casual readers? Cat enthusiasts or dog hoarders?

Once you’ve got your customers down to a tee, you can start designing your office. And it’s not just about customers, but your staff members.

Be sure to ask every member of your team what they’d like included in the redesign of your building. Not only will this give you a new perspective, but it’ll make your employees feel like their voice is being heard.

But this is just a grab-bag of ideas on how to make your office look modern. If you’ve got any of your own, we’d love to hear them.

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