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How to Sell Your House Privately

Selling your house privately, without the help of an estate agent has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether they are selling to downsize or to move to one of the world’s property hotspots such as the UAE, where there are great offers on rooms for rent in Dubai, many people have found that selling their house privately can lead to big savings. Here’s a handy guide to private selling:

Sell Your House Privately

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Make your house saleable

You won’t have an estate agent advising you and helping you market your property, so you have to maximise the sale ability of your house. Extensive redecorating is not required, unless you can afford to have the job done to a high standard, and the most important thing is to de-clutter. Keep the house tidy, clean and free of junk so that viewers can see it clearly.

Getting the price right

Estate agents would usually help you to set the price, but you can do this yourself and avoid the risk of inflated valuations. There are numerous websites offering information on nearby comparable properties, which will enable you to establish a fair price.

Pen a description

Part of marketing your property is to write a description to entice buyers. You may be tempted to indulge in flowery language and extravagant praise for your home, but this can be a mistake. Stick to a concise, informative description and steer clear of lengthy narratives.

Take some good photos

Take some good photos

Image by pexels

Buyers will focus on photos of your property more than on the description, so it is worth taking the time and trouble to produce high quality images. The important thing to remember is to focus on the property’s strengths and show those clearly, while making sure that all the communal living areas are photographed, along with clear shots of the rear and front of the property. If you don’t feel confident about your photographic skills, hire a professional.

Property listing

When you’re trying to sell your house privately, you want to maximise its exposure. Advertising in your local newspaper is always a good place to start, but you should also look online. Try sites that specialise in ‘for sale by owner’ listings, such as Houseweb and Houseladder. For a reasonable fee, they will display your property to a wide audience, and you should also consider using social media to get the word out about your house sale.


Negotiating a price for your sale can be intimidating, so it’s important to remember two things. Firstly, don’t compromise on the minimum price you are prepared to accept, and secondly, keep all communication polite and friendly, as once you have accepted an offer you may need to liaise with the buyer repeatedly during the process. It’s also important to remember that no offer is binding on either party until contracts have been exchanged.

Instructing a solicitor

Once you’ve said yes to an offer, you will need to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer. Take the time to find a good solicitor, as you will need to rely on them heavily during the sale. You can rely on recommendations from friends and family, or you could check out the Council for Licensed Conveyancers or the Law Society who can help you to find a local solicitor.

Selling your house privately can seem a daunting idea, but it is easier than many people think and can save a considerable amount of money on estate agents fees. By following the simple steps outlined here, you can ensure that your private house sale runs smoothly.

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