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How to Sell your Property at a Great Price

Selling property can be a long, drawn-out, and arduous process. For some, it feels like jumping through hoops, going over the same ground repeatedly until they finally go for exchange of contracts and seal the deal. Surely, it’s understandable you want the best possible price for your property. When you have done everything you should to make sure that it sells, and have covered all of the associated costs, you want to be left with money to spare.

How to Sell your Property

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To achieve this, you have to go about your sale in the right way. Here’s how to do it:

Price your Property Realistically

In order to achieve a sale, you need to be able to attract buyers in the first place, and over-priced properties simply don’t. Although some believe that a little wiggle room on price is a good idea, we call it a mistake that could deter people from booking an appointment and considering your house or flat for a potential purchase.

Your estate agent will be best placed to suggest a realistic price, although you may also find it helpful to look at similar sales beforehand to get an idea of what your property is worth. For example, a quick search of other apartments or villas can be invaluable in helping you gain an accurate idea of what else is on the market and how it’s priced.

Perform any Minor Repairs or Renovations Prior to the Sale

A common mistake amongst buyers is not investing in repairs or renovations unless they personally could profit from them. Adopting such an approach is a bad idea because when you iron out any niggles before selling, the reward is huge. Buyers will look for any excuse to knock the price down, and minor flaws are exactly the justification they’re seeking. Make sure that none exist and you’re far more likely to achieve the offer you’re hoping for.

Choose an Estate Agent with Experience of Selling Similar Properties

Your estate agent will be invaluable in helping you to sell your property for a reasonable price, so it’s important to look for someone with an extensive knowledge of selling similar. Not only will these people have the contacts necessary to find you an interested buyer, but they also will be far less likely to under-price your home or investment as a result of inexperience. For this reason, it may be worth asking friends or acquaintances who have sold their houses or flats previously, if they have any professionals they could recommend to you.

Choose an Estate Agent with a High Degree of Visibility

In order to make a successful sale, your property needs to be seen, and this is why we recommend using a professional enterprise with an online presence. For example, you need to ensure that your property is not only seen by the local audience, but is also visible to the international audience. This means that those who advertise on these enterprise level portals know that the properties they’re attempting to sell will be viewed by thousands of potential buyers, and thus has a much higher likelihood of selling than a similar property advertised by a small local estate agent.

Present your Property in the Best Possible Light

Our final piece of advice may sound rather obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people fail to heed it: present your property in the best possible light. If you want to achieve your asking price, you need to give potential purchasers an incentive, and this means taking high-quality photos of a clean and well-maintained home just waiting for someone to move into it. A splash of paint, a hoover around, and neatly tidied away belongings really can make all the difference.

If you want the best possible price for your property, follow our handy tips and tricks and we guarantee you the success.

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