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Making A Move: How To Sell Your UK Home

The thought of moving into a new home probably fills you with delight, as it offers the fresh start you’ve been craving. However, the prospect of selling your current property more than likely fills you with dread, as there will be many processes and paperwork to endure.

Saying goodbye to your existing home doesn’t need to be difficult. All you need to do is take it to step by step. Read the following informative advice on how to sell your UK home.

Sell Your UK Home

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Find Out Your Property’s Current Value:

Every homeowner wants to receive the maximum return on their property investment when selling their home. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting your home up for sale or considering an equity release, you should see how much has your house increased in value. You can use SunLife’s postcode tool to discover how much your home has gone up in value. You can then sell your home at the right price to a buyer.

Pick The Perfect Estate Agent:

A professional estate agent should minimise a homeowner’s stresses when selling and should endeavor to sell the property as fast as possible for the best price. You’ll want to find a reputable estate agent who will help to pull in many viewings through effective marketing techniques.

Improve Your Property’s Kerb Appeal:

Once an estate agent has people visiting your home, it will be your job to create the right first impression. There are a number of ways you can improve your property’s kerb appeal. For example, you must trim your lawn, remove rubbish or lose items from a garden, and paint your front door. You could even add a splash of colour to your address with hanging baskets and flower beds.

Declutter Your Home:

Prospective buyers will make a snap judgment on your home the moment they step inside. In addition to sprucing up every room within your home, you must also declutter your interior. Too many items will not only make a property appear cluttered, but they can also make a room appear smaller than it is. So, declutter your belongings to expand a room’s size.

Improve Your Property’s Scent:

No-one wants to live in a smelly home. If your home’s scent is less than desirable, you can almost guarantee a property hunter will want to walk immediately back out the door. Make each room smells both clean and fragrant and maybe ask a friend or relative to care for your pets during a viewing.

Give Potential Buyers Some Space:

Allow potential buyers to explore your property on their own, so they can make an informed choice about whether to make you an offer. Encouraging them to wander can make them feel instantly comfortable, and you should simply be on hand to answer any questions they might have.

Choose A Reliable Buyer:

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple offers on the table following property viewings, you can take your pick from the best buyers. For example, reliable buyers will more than likely have already sold their own home, and have the cash already available, so they will not need a mortgage. Doing so can help you make a quick sale and will limit the risk of an offer falling through.

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