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Hyundai ix35

The Hyundai ix35 is a good looking car that is sure to win a few new admirers to the brand. Hyundai has developed a reputation for building cheap but reliable cars; this new model goes beyond that. The new Hyundai ix35 is not exorbitantly priced t it may give the impression of being an expensive car.

The Design of the Hyundai ix35

The Hyundai ix35 could best be described as a small off-roader and shares many similarities with the i30 hatchback. It is being touted as a replacement for the Tucson. The Korean company has attempted to design a vehicle that will appeal to the same type of driver that would be in the market for a Ford Focus. It is a fairly bulky vehicle but this size is hidden well by the design of the car. Some people claim it is the most attractive car to ever appear with a Hyundai badge.

Under the Hood

As to be expected the Hyundai ix35 will be available with a number of different engines. Initially Hyundai only intend to have two engine types available; a 2.0 litre petrol and a 2.0 litre diesel. This will later be followed by the arrival of a more fuel efficient 1.6 litre petrol and 1.7 litre diesel sometime near the end of 2010. This is certainly not the type of car you will be after if you are any type of speed freak, but you should have no problems getting from A to B and passing other cars when the need arises. There have been a few complaints that the engine can make quite a bit of noise once you get past the 70 mph mark. There has also been a few criticisms that the car feels clumsy when attempting to manoeuvre corners – this is less of a problem with four wheel drive.

Inside the Hyundai ix35

There is plenty of leg room in the Hyundai; especially in the back seats. It also comes along with generous boot space where you can find at least 100 litres of room. The seats are well made and you will feel well supported; even the seats in the standard cars are heated. On slight problem for those sitting in the back seat is that they don’t get much of a view when looking forward.

Some Final Thoughts

As you would expect from a Hyundai, what you are getting here is a good value reliable car. In fact there may be even those who decide to make the purchase because they like this model and not just on a purely financial basis. This does not look like any type of budget car and it performs well enough. It is not a showy vehicle and you probably won’t impress many people with your speed, but otherwise it does tick many of the boxes for a car in its class. If you are looking for a vehicle you can depend on and don’t want to spend a fortune then this is certainly something you could consider.

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