MS Social Project, a subsidiary of ICU Group, to launch a state-of-the-art recycling factory in Ukraine

ICU GroupMS Social Project LLC, a subsidiary ICU Group, has invested in the biggest solid household waste (SHW) recycling factory in Ukraine. The factory will be built in the city of Zhytomyr, and will be built in strict adherence to European Union environmental safety requirements. The aggregate amount of investment in the project will be around 7-10 million euros.

The factory will adopt the most innovative technology for processing solid household waste in a safe and eco-friendly manner which has already been successfully put in practice in many European countries. The plant will also have its own sewage treatment system with an estimated processing capacity of 82,000 tons per year and a recycling efficiency of 85 – 95%. The solid waste will be processed into materials such as the Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF), for use at cement factories, and ecologically-safe fertilizers from the organic solid waste. All products will be reused in accordance with the infinite cycle economy.

Konstantin Stetsenko, the managing partner at ICU said: “This waste recycling technology will be the first of its kind in Ukraine and has already been implemented in other European countries. We are assessing the feasibility of constructing similar factories in other Ukrainian cities, once this project is successfully completed in Zhytomyr. We regard it not only as a great business opportunity but also as a chance to improving the environment for a more sustainable future. ”

The construction of the plant is estimated to take a year to complete and will commence once all the permits are obtained. The factory will have 150 employees who will work in two shifts.

“Waste processing is a big issue for the city of Zhytomyr and other major cities in our country. We fully back this project and are pleased that our city has been chosen for first the state-of-the-art recycling plant. The new factory will help phase out landfills by providing an efficient way to process household waste. MS Social Project will help us create new jobs which will have a positive effect on the region and will bring in additional municipal budget revenues” said Sergey Sukhomlyn, the Mayor of Zhytomyr.

The task of constructing and launching this factory was entrusted to Tehnix, a leading Croatian equipment manufacturer and developer of MBH-T (which stands for mechanical, biological, heat treatment, and recycling of solid waste). This technology provides recycling for approximately 95% of solid household waste which reduces landfills across the country. Tehnix already has vast experience in building and bringing into operation more than 50 similar factories in EU countries.

“This technology eliminates the need to create new landfills and also ensures a sustainable SHW management. Moreover, all these factories are economically self-reliant; they produce zero emission, and they can adapt to the existing logistics framework. Finally, the factories only require a small area for their placement and the technology is patented.” added Stepan Mikulchich, the CEO of the Ukrainian branch of Tehnix.

ICU Group: general information

MS Social Project LLC is a fully-owned subsidiary of AMC Investment Capital Ukraine LLC, ICU Group.
ICU Group is an independent asset management, private equity, and investment advisory firm specializing in the Emerging Markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2006 by senior investment professionals from ING, ICU is Ukraine’s leading asset manager. ICU currently manages over US$500m in assets. Managing partners Makar Paseniuk and Konstantin Stetsenko are majority shareholders of ICU.

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