5 Steps to Become an Immigration Lawyer

Everyone is passionate about a specific career to adopt in life. Whatever career you choose for yourself require some base of the skills and education in that particular discipline to understand the requirements and functioning of a professional. An individual must know the path to become the man of his dreams. If you are planning to become an immigration lawyer, here are the things you need to do.

Who is an Immigration Lawyer?

Lawyers, also called attorneys, are specialized in law and then choose an area of law to become a specialized lawyer. There are so many areas like income tax lawyers, business lawyers, real estate lawyers, divorce lawyers and also immigration lawyers. Immigration lawyer like LA Immigration Lawyer, Joshua L. Goldstein also deals with the clients giving them legal advice and consulting and addressing on their issue. Their services lies in the area of immigration where legal help is required for visa renewal, neutralization and other issues.

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Must Have

It is most important for the attorney for immigration to be informed about the latest policies and legal issues and how to tackle them. Either they work with a firm or individually, they have to be efficient in finding solution to the issues of their clients. A bachelors’ degree is a must in law with specialization in the area along with the licence, good communication skills, and grip over the rules and procedures. The professional degree can be of 4-6 years depending on the school or university offering that program.

Here are the 5 steps to take to become one.

Step 1: Research about the career, responsibilities, duties and skills

The immigration lawyer has the duty to help the immigrants to stay and work in the other countries and telling those policies about getting visa, green card or other legal permissions for safe and trouble free stay. They have the knowledge about the grants to be provided to the immigrants and what is illegal for them. Helping the illegal immigrants and making them citizen of the country is also the responsibility of the attorney. You should conduct a research to find and know more about their functioning, duties and responsibilities.

Step 2: Go for a Law Degree

A 4-years law degree is the initial requirement for this profession. You might also have to spend one or two years more to become a specialized in this area or may be 4 years education is enough. There are specific law schools, colleges or institutions that offer this program. You can look for a good one to polish your skills. The degree will provide you the introduction to this domain and understanding of it.

Step 3: Language Acquisition

You also have to get fluency in an international language to communicate with the other lawyers, courts and clients. There might be a course in your graduation of learning a foreign language or you might have to take an additional course of it. The constitutional law and reasoning is not enough to become an immigrant lawyer.

Step 4: Pass the Bar Exam

An exam is the requirement of the licence that you must pass. It is conducted by the Bar Association. The examination is based on a test from the field of law.

Step 5: Join an Association

You have got all the skills and fulfil the requirements of becoming an immigration attorney. You can now be a part of any law firm or join any lawyer association in your community. You can network with others in your field to enhance your exposure.

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