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Investing in International Real Estate

The continuing growth of the global economy and the technology that is making the world ever smaller each year. It means that every aspect of our financial world is becoming more internationally focused. This applies particularly to the area of investment. Investment in International Real Estate can be profitable in long terms.

The Urge of International Real Estate

The traditional view of investing as being an option only for wealthy individuals or investment banks has long since been superseded by the modern investment sector. In which technology and regulatory changes make it possible for all of us to get involved in a wide range of investment methods. From day-trading stocks and shares to funding exciting new start-ups.

The same transformation applies to the world of real estate investment, which is becoming ever more global. While most people who invest in real estate will opt to focus on their own country or region, for an increasing number of investors. Overseas real estate is becoming a realistic option. How they choose to go about it, however, varies according to their experience and aims.

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The Hands-On Approach

For many international real estate investors, the only way to go about it is to head to the country yourself and start work in a hands-on way. You should research the country you are thinking of investing in thoroughly, assessing the current state of both the business and commercial property market in that territory and considering growth potential, as well as the range of local factors that can determine the success or failure of an international real estate investment.

But once you’ve decided on the country you intend to invest in, the next step is to travel there in person and get to work. There is a lot to consider. You will need to become accustomed to the local way of doing business, make important contacts and get to grips with the rules and regulations governing real estate investment in that country. In areas of the world that operate in a significantly different way to the UK, such as the Middle East. It can often be a good idea to delegate.

Al Masah Capital is one example of an investment company that helps overseas investors do business in the Middle Eastern market. This local expertise can be enormously beneficial, helping you to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with doing business in a foreign economy and culture. Securing the help of an investment company, who can also act as an asset management coordinator or property manager. This is a particularly good idea for those new to overseas investment.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Of course, travelling to other countries to arrange real estate investments directly is not always an option for many investors. But there are alternatives to enable you to get involved in international real estate investment in a less hands-on fashion.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), enable investors to benefit from the potential profits of real estate investment. Moreover, without the significant cost and risks associated with direct overseas real estate investing. The concept of the REIT has its origin in the US. But REITs are now commonplace throughout the financial world and are increasingly used by UK property investors.

A REIT is a fund that purchases and manages real estate, often in other countries. A typical REIT will have a wide variety of property in its portfolio. And most of the main REITs are publicly traded on the UK stock exchanges, making it easy for private investors to get involved.

And REITs have proven particularly popular for real estate investors. There is a number of reasons why it wants to involve in overseas property investment. A typical REIT will often benefit from tax advantages, which enables them to provide a higher dividend to their investors. When you invest in a REIT you will be taking advantage of the expertise of skilled property and asset managers. Moreover, you will also be diversifying your portfolio, which offers a degree of insurance against economic downturns or property market crises that can wipe out the value of the real estate in any particular country.

Do Your Research

There are no short-cuts to profit from any form of investment. And as always, the key is to do your homework. Work out which form of overseas real estate investment is best suited to your capital, your lifestyle and your goals. Moreover, remember that you can never be too well-informed about the subject. For those who are ready to do the work and to call on the advice of experts where required. Therefore, overseas real estate investment can be a profitable way to invest.

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