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Curing Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms – Staying Healthy

You can’t deny the fact that the symptoms of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as spastic colon can literally be embarrassing and uneasy at times. However, you need not fret as there are natural ways in which you can seek relief from this. Since there isn’t any cure for IBS, people start developing their own habits to live on their own terms with this enemy for life.

The ultimate fact is that you can’t get discouraged with this because you have to fight against it. By bringing about few dietary changes and by embracing few tactics to get relief from stress, you can offer a considerable dose of relief. If you want more change insurance, you have to combine them with other relevant therapies. Here are few ways in which you can handle the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

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You’ve Got to Manage Stress Levels:

Stress is one of the main factors which trigger off the IBS even more and unless you learn to ward off stress with yoga, meditation and some other breathing exercises at home, you won’t be able to recover from such a disease. Either lie down or sit down comfortably. Whenever you feel the need of thinking of anxiety-producing thoughts, you should focus on your breathing. Maintain a diary of your IBS symptoms to check the kinds of issues you face and how severe they can be. Once you have recognized the situations which trigger IBS, watch out for the breathing technique that can make you feel better.

Allow Your Intestines To Go Easy:

Minimize eating fried foods, oil, meats, margarine, fatty foods and dairy products. All the aforementioned products are advised against because the colon can contract in a violent manner and this can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea. If you love to gorge on spicy foods, make sure you avoid them totally as your large intestine move into spasms which lead to diarrhea. Caffeine also leads to irritation inside your intestines and hence you should cut down on caffeine as well. Nicotine also leads to a sudden boost in IBS and hence you should also avoid smoking.

Include More Fibres in Your Diet:

When you take in soluble fibre, this soaks in liquid inside your intestines thereby preventing diarrhea. Few good and trustworthy sources of fibre are oatmeal, beans, and some fruits like strawberries, apple and grapefruit. If you think you don’t seem to get enough fibre along with your diet, you may take a daily dose of Psyllium which is a dietary supplement. However, ensure following the label for directions about dosage. You can also opt for a supplement called flordis iberogast which helps relieve IBS symptoms.

Have Yogurt Daily:

When you suffer from diarrhea, this can eliminate even good bacteria that prevent harmful bacteria from soaring out of control. If you have diarrhea which is IBS induced, make sure you have enough of yogurt which contains active bacteria like acidophilus. Take yogurt on empty stomach.

Hence, if you’re not sure about the home remedies which can cure IBS symptoms, you can try out the ones mentioned above. On top of that, get at least half-an-hour of exercise like walking as this will keep your digestive system working properly.

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