Are They Compatible? How to Match Your Jeep Replacement Parts with the Rest of Your Car

Replacement parts are not all created equally, and the last thing you want is to equip your Jeep with a part that doesn’t look good or worse, creates performance or mechanical problems. A quick search online, and you can easily become overwhelmed with the choices and unsure of how to ensure the part you purchase fits. Whether you need a windshield part, Jeep JK replacement seats or some other part, these tips can help ensure your replacement parts match the rest of your vehicle.

Jeep Replacement Parts

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Shop with the OEM Part Number

Having the OEM part number can make a drastic difference in whether replacement pieces you get work with your Jeep. For example, the holes on one brake rotor may line up with an older model Wrangler, but not your newer edition. Having the OEM part number allows you to search for the specific original manufacturer’s part or a comparable aftermarket piece.

Check the Reviews and Discussion Forums

Particularly when it comes to aftermarket parts, like a Jeep soft top for sale, one of the best ways to ensure it fits and works is to read the reviews and discussion boards. When Jeepers have had good luck or difficulties with a specific part, they often share their experiences, which may steer you towards good products or warn you about less quality options.

Steer Clear of Off-Brand and No-Name Suppliers

You can save yourself some headaches when matching replacement parts to the rest of your car by using some common sense. While off-brand or no-name suppliers may offer products that seem the same as other, more costly options, it is important to keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Not only might these essentially-counterfeit parts be ill-fitting, they may cause significant failures or damage to your vehicle.

Offering a vast selection of Jeep Cherokee aftermarket parts and competitive prices, the experts at can help you get back on the road faster than you can kick up rocks and take off. Browse the online catalog to find what you’re looking for or talk to their experts to find out more about the parts you need.

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