Keep Your Drinking Establishment Fun

The Advantage Of A Drinking Establishment For A Small-Business Owner:

In times of celebration and depression, economically, people always drink. Bars are one of those steady, sure economic investments. People are always going to need shoes, they’re always going to need clothes, they’re always going to need food, they’re always going to need doctors, and unless or until the world fundamentally changes from the cellular level, people will always need bars. They need them to celebrate at when a college graduation has taken place. They need them to cater special events and provide the alcohol, as well as the service. They need them to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Who is more real with complete strangers than those either in the chapel or the pub? And the one does not necessarily preclude the other: there are even a few “drinking churches” in modernity. The church being the body of Christ, technically four guys in the backyard reading the Bible and having some brews constitute a “drinking church”. But they’re not going to have the same difficulties a drinking establishment which is liable under law to protect its patrons, and their actions, will. Running a drinking establishment can be a very profitable, sustainable, necessary business in your community. But with any business, there come laws which must be obeyed.

Keep Your Drinking Establishment Fun

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The Dram Law Consideration:

A dram is a unit of measurement usually pertaining to liquid, and proscribed as a moniker for a set of laws which wrap most of the country, called “dram laws”. Dram laws make an establishment who provides the liquid in question liable for that liquid’s effect on its customers, and their actions toward others. For example, a DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, charge may reflect on the establishment who patronized the driving drinker. Especially in Texas, where the churches drink and the dram laws are ubiquitous, it is incumbent on any small business owner selling liquor or beer to ensure over-intoxication does not take place. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to determine whether or not someone is intoxicated. Firstly, people tend to hide it. No one wants to be told: “You’re drunk, go home.”

Oftentimes when things do reach this point, and it become necessary to tell an individual as much, they’ll even refuse. Then the issue becomes a “situation”, and bouncers must be called. The thing is, that individual could be responsible for activities which may eventually draw a drinking establishment into the courtroom. You see the difficulty? Even if you do exactly the right thing, sometimes the actions of others will yet confound you. When it comes to Texas liquor laws, you need assistance from cogent attorneys who are used to the legal minefield and will leave no stone unexplored as they search for a way to keep your drinking establishment from suffering any business losses.

Texas Dram Laws Are Severe Without Attorneys:

Without legal representation in a situation where a patron has caused substantial damages after drinking at your bar, you could lose your business. It’s not like the court’s going to come and steal your property, but consider costs. If some drunk you served crashes into a library, under Texas law, you’re liable. If you’re running a new bar on the corner with two hundred square feet of operational space that barely helps you stay ahead of the cost having a liquor license involves, one drunk son-of-a-gun could end up costing you so much that maintaining your business isn’t feasible anymore. That’s the kind of thing cogent legal representation can help you escape from, and for a fraction of the expense.

Texas Dram Laws Are Severe Without Attorneys

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