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Kia Ceed Eco Dynamics

Engine – 1.6 Litre
Power – 89bhp
0-60 – 13.5 Seconds
Top Speed – 107mph
Combined MPG – 67.3mpg
OTR Price – £14,195

WHAT a car. Kept dying on me every five minutes!

If this had happened a few years ago in a new car I would have been more than slightly miffed.

As it was, I was quite pleased. You see, the new Kia c’eed (small “c” and an apostrophe, ok?) is supposed to do precisely that.

The “EcoDynamics” model has the latest technology. Stall at the lights and yet you sit there with a smile on your face because you’re actually saving money and helping save the planet at the same time.

Because you haven’t broken down really. It’s just the latest ISG (intelligent stop and go) technology that has been engineered into the new Kia to save fuel economy and make it super green.

By cutting the engine when the car is stationary and out of gear, fuel is saved and emissions drop to llOg/km – making the EcoDynamics Cee’d a very cheap car to run and tax.

After driving the new c’eed from Manchester to Liverpool, I really put the ISG technology through its paces in the Merseyside city traffic.

You just have to remember to slip it into neutral when you come to a halt. Each time the traffic lights turned green, the engine restarted faultlessly as soon as I touched the clutch to select first gear to pull away.

It’s only two-and-a-half years since Kia introduced the c’eed, its first European built car – yet it’s had an engineering overhaul and been given a new look inside and out.

There are new headlamps, a new bonnet design and honeycomb grille, giving it a more expensive look and feel.

The dashboard layout has been redesigned to make operation of the stereo and air conditioning more straightforward, and the texture and quality of materials has improved, and the steering wheel has a better feel with a more sculpted shape and twin-bottom spokes.

Engines range from a l-litre petrol with 89bhp to a l24bhp 1.6-litre petrol and 89bhp 1.6-litre diesel or “high power” ll3bhp version of the same engine.

Because of the way vehicle excise duty bands are structured, ISG will initially be available only with the standard (89bhp) 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine. It gives Kia a model to target at fleets and business users.

Understandably, the 89bhp diesel feels noticeably more sluggish than the faster 113bhp “high power” version, but the former rewards drivers with 67.3mpg while the quicker car manages 62.8mpg.

Both diesel engines are quiet on the move, and there is little wind noise at high speed, making the cee’d a relaxing motorway cruiser.

You can tell the new c’eed, designed and built in Europe, has been set up for the kind of British roads we use every day. The car handles smoothly and soaks up bumps well.

It’s not as keen to corner as a Ford Focus or Mk.6 Golf, but overall it’s not far behind the class leaders and feels more relaxing to drive.

Names of the specification levels are changed. The S, GS and LS are gone, replaced with the simpler 1, 2 and 3 trim levels, each rising by about £1,300.

The entry level model gets body-colour trim, 16-inch alloy wheels and front fog Lights.

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