MBA in Design in Italy at Bologna Business School

If the desire to start or run business has led you to consider expanding your knowledge and skills with an MBA in Design. You will be assessing whether it is worth the time and money this implies.

Maybe we can help clear your mind with this article. Let’s start with the basics.

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Why should you choose an MBA?

An MBA (Master in Business Administration) is the ultimate postgraduate training in a business school. The reason why it can represent a good turning point for you is that it guarantees the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to work at a higher level in a company from a global business perspective.

But there is another reason why choosing to start an MBA can’t be other than positive. It is a symbol of prestige. In fact, enriching your CV with a specific master’s degree in business management and administration. This provides an element of added value for your profile in case you want to apply for top management jobs in your desired field.

When is the right moment to start your MBA?

Should you start your MBA right after your graduation or after a few years of experience?

Experts consider that the best moment to go towards that path is after collecting one or more professional experiences. Anyways, it should be said that starting an MBA right after the end of the university is an option worth of thinking as well.

There are, in fact, conditions in which dealing with an MBA immediately after graduation can make sense. While admitting that a previous work experience allows you to contextualize better what you will learn. Consequently, to get the most out of what the faculty can offer. Starting right after graduation will help you to start your career from a higher level, with a better salary and more responsibility. Moreover, dedicating one or two years to study can be less complicated at 25 than at 30. Both from a personal and a family point of view. Also, from an economic point of view, the pay gap can be used to pay the debt to the business school more quickly. There are though, some business schools that require a few years of experience to be enrolled.

Start with a clear mind of what you would like to do

The precondition is to already have in mind what kind of career you intend to follow and if you already know the industry in which you would like to work there are few options that will help you find an even more specialized and concrete MBAs for that sector: in the recent years, an MBA in design, for instance, started to become more and more a passe-partout if you want to find a good job and establish a balance between creativity and business in the management of luxury businesses. These MBAs provide managers and entrepreneurs the know-how and Bologna Business School among the others offers an excellent Global MBA in design, in the heart of the art, history and fashion country, Italy.

It is a great choice if you are looking for a worldwide recognized MBA in design. Its focus on business models of fashion and designs allow assimilating the understanding of the product together with the managerial knowledge oriented to luxury management. Moreover, providing a vision and skills for the internationalization of companies.

Why is a Global MBA the best option?

A Global MBA is perfect for professionals who want to broaden their international experience for different reasons such as gaining access to executive positions in companies abroad. BBS Global MBA in Design in Italy is entirely in English and high knowledge of this language is required. Among the activities within the MBA program, is it possible to stay in foreign universities and business schools with which the institutions have collaboration agreements?

Are you ready to transform or your career? Motivated enough? Perfect, then go and get all the information you need on the BBS website and start forging your future.

Perhaps you need a little push? We can tell you that among the companies that have already hosted the participants of this MBA for their internship period are Maserati, Eataly, Gucci, Furla, Max Mara, Piquadro, Enel Green Power, and Lamborghini.
Become a manager in your dream company, you have never been so close!

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