Inside Microsoft Teams: The Fastest Growing Collaborative Technology In History

With Microsoft announcing the removal of the Skype for Business platform happening in 2021, it’s time for every company to start to get to grips with the industry’s fastest-growing collaborative technology or face being left behind in the race for dominance in a competitive corporate world. Whilst familiarising and integrating a new platform may seem a daunting task at first, it isn’t as tough as you might think, especially when that platform is Microsoft Team.

For those who are already using the bulk of the programs in the Office 365 package, you’ll be happy to discover the wealth of interaction and integration found in the platform for those – if you aren’t currently using those, maybe this could be the perfect time to make the switch over!

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What Is Microsoft Teams?

First of all, you’ll be happy to find that it retains most of the popular functionality that Skype for Business brings to your operations – you can still send instant messages, you can still video call, and you can still audio call with ease. Essentially, Teams will phase out Skype for Business with little to no issues, so you can continue to connect with whomever you need to connect with, with a host of additional features that make collaborating easier and more productive than ever before.

File sharing and team hubs are a huge difference-maker between the two, allowing you to have separate sections for each project so that you can keep the chat, information, and resources for each different project in its own specific area so there’s no confusion. This also means that everyone can keep up to speed with the current situation regarding clients, projects, and progress with ease.

Teams Rooms

To help you make the most of your new collaborative technologies, you can opt for a dedicated Microsoft Teams Room setup, whereby an external provider such as Kindly can help you to create the perfect collaborative space, which meets all of your needs as a company, with Microsoft Teams acting as the heartbeat for it all. The system is incredibly versatile, so you can design rooms for spur-of-the-moment huddle meetings and large-scale conferences using Microsoft Team – it’s open for you to make the most of it!

When integrating the platform, you’ll also want to ensure that you’ve got the right devices and hardware at your disposal, with each depending on the specific business’ requirements and preferences. Surface Hub 2 is a high powered tablet with a larger 4K HD screen – perfect for showing off your work to its full extent! The benefits of the Surface Hub are well documented in the collaborative technology sector, with is being the preferred device for those companies who encourage creative collaboration and mobile meetings; the device can be taken with you thanks to the portable battery packs and portable stands, so you really can give presentations and host meetings on-the-go with the Surface Hub 2 by Microsoft.

Alternatively, the Logitech Tap provides a more refined, stationary base from which to host and control your meetings – it’s a sleek, angled device that can be desk or wall-mounted, which then connects and combines your different devices into one streamlined and functional way, acting as a connectivity hub that allows you to work collaboratively. With Logitech Tap you’ll also be able to utilise the One Touch Join feature for calls, which enhance the way that you can construct and control video conferencing from a single central hub.

Recent Events

Kindly has recently been involved in a couple of events focused on Microsoft Teams’ applications and functionality in the business world, which offer deeper insight into the full functionality of Microsoft Team in reality.

The first event aimed to showcase how the platform could digitally transform legal firms by integrating it using Surface Hub 2 and intuitive Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. The idea of the platform acting as a secure all-in-one location to work, share and collaborate impressed in the legal sector. There were also demo’s of the latest technologies on offer to show how the platform responds to the different systems.

The next event had a greater emphasis on how Microsoft Teams will help you to collaborate more effectively, again utilising the Surface Hub 2 as a tool for implementing the platform and showing how its full functionality can be a huge benefit for a creative, forward-thinking company. There was also an update from a Kindly representative, who demonstrated how the different technologies within a Microsoft Team Room can be used to your advantage in terms of workplace collaboration.

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