4 Ways to Migrate to Meaningful Work

Finding fulfilling work can be a lifelong challenge.

And too many of us sacrifice satisfaction for security when it comes to switching careers.

So if you’re struggling like Sisyphus maybe it’s time to pursue your passion — here are four ways to migrate to meaningful work.

Start with skills

Even well-paid work can leave you feeling stuck. So how do you overcome career inertia?

You probably don’t have the same dreams and desires at 40 that you had at 20, but experience has endowed you with a storehouse of hidden skills.

If your mentoring expertise has helped friends change tack you might find the same satisfaction in youth work.

Or if volunteering work has spotlighted your soft skills, studying online for a charity management degree might allow a full-time migration to the Third Sector.

Migrate to Meaningful Work

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Be a jack of all trades

Entering a specialised field was the traditional prescription for a healthy career. But changing job markets and employee expectations have made ‘jobs for life’ outdated.

So there’s nothing wrong with being a wide achiever rather than a high achiever — think of yourself as a Renaissance generalist like Leonardo Da Vinci.

Embracing tech and working remotely, becoming a portfolio worker allows you to blend disparate careers like counselling and online immigration consultancy.

And great generalists can ensure a steady workflow, because if one income stream runs dry there’s always another on tap.

Act first, think later

But don’t get stuck from the start thinking of a career that allows you to satisfy every one of your passions.
A combination of multiple passions and countless modern career choices can lead to procrastination — you sometimes need to act first and think later if you want to make the bold move to a new career.

So if you’re a budding blogger or cartoonist use digital smarts to monetise creative magic. Platforms like Patreon mean penury is no longer a penalty for artistic aspirations.


Perseverance is a career-change prerequisite and the annals of achievement are full of figures who never gave up, from Thomas Edison to J.K. Rowling.

And if Joe Strummer hadn’t recognised that tenacity trumps talent we’d never have heard of The Clash. No matter what career you choose, expect hard work and try to embrace the struggle.

So be brave when it comes to changing career — don’t allow woeful work to become a life sentence.

How did you migrate to your dream career? Share your stories in the comments below.

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