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Now and then you will find yourself or your loved ones with the need to create or design photo books for their photo galleries. offers you the most extensive variety of customized photo book options. Moreover, templates to help you create the most exciting book for any occasion. When designing and creating your photo books, stands out in making the entire process very easy and straightforward. They might not have an overnight delivery option for those in a hurry. It delivers its products quickly even if you have chosen the standard delivery.

This article explains some of the factors of why you should always use when it comes to the creation and designing of your customized photo books.


Ease of use of

Mixbook has one of the most straightforward and easy to use interface. The interface is easy to navigate, and you do not need to be a computer expert in navigating the interface. Immediately you start the service, a guided tour will guide you on how to use Mixbook by highlighting all of the essential features and the tools you need to know about. When the time comes to use the photo book editor, you are guided on where to drag your photos and also where to insert text on each of the pages.

In addition, a help button is featured in the editor to ensure that you get help anytime you need during the creation process. As well as, when you need to get more information about a specific feature on the platform. The buttons on the editor clearly labeled such that even the most inexperienced designer can make excellent customized photo books.

Excellent customer service of

The customer service is friendly and excellent. The company website offers outstanding technical support. They have a live chat feature and an active email address to contact support representatives anytime. They do not offer a telephone number for support over the phone. Although, encourage customers to use the live chat feature as their support team is quick to respond to their customers. However, unlike other retail stores, they do not have a provision of picking your Mixbook projects from physical stores. If you are in a hurry, your book will get to you quickly, but they recommend that you submit your order early and also allow some extra time during holidays when book services are busiest. Mixbook is one of the few book services that will offer you international shipping. They cover Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Convenience of is the most suitable platform you will ever engage in designing and creation of customized photo books. Mixbook has one of the biggest selections of photo book sizes. Moreover, offers eight different options for custom photo books you might need. The publisher will also provide you with five different cover options. This comprises of glossy hardcover, matte, softcover, genuine leather and you can also have the dust jacket.


The online photo book editor on is easy to use and will help in creating the most desirable photo book. The books are built with excellence and will protect the images inside for many years to come.

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