The Most Fascinating Technologies of 2017

The earth has swirled almost half of this year’s revolution around the sun and still, it is conceivable that the best tech of 2017 has yet to arrive. Until now, this year has introduced us to some of the most epic technological gadgets and astonishing devices and there is no reason to deny that many of them have the capability to be pronounced, as the best tech of 2017. However, there are many upcoming launches which are believed to be situated within this year’s span. Some announcements eminently shadow a lead that there is appreciable amount of time left to place a verdict on the best tech of 2017. Of course, many of these analogies are bound to be rumors while, some authenticated official announcements divulges to us that the arrival of the best tech of 2017 is inevitably, along its way.

The technological era tends to swift further, day in and day out. Moreover, it has been cherished by the endeavors and audacities of many researchers, scientists, high tech workers and engineers. These people have strived hard and dedicated each and every miniscule inch of their lives to endure technology. This drags us to the discussion of the best tech of 2017 so far and simultaneously those, we have yet to encounter this year. Demonstrated below are the technologies that have until now, caught the glimpse of our eye balls as well as those, which are expected to hit the market this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8:

After the chaos faced by the Korean tech Giant due to the detrimental shortcomings of Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, the organization placed all its force into action and packed a punch with the release of Samsung Galaxy S8. No wonder, it is an intelligently orchestrated smartphone with an ostentatious appearance, exquisitely retainable battery life and a flamboyant camera. A cell phone bounded by an immensely thin line of bezel. Moreover, having a grasp of this remarkable gadget in your palm, takes you to a world of bewildering sensation. Like any other cell phone, it was criticized for some drawbacks such as the bizarre positioning of the finger sensor. But, if you see the forest instead of the trees, this was a humongous overall victory for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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Microsoft Surface Laptop:

As always, Microsoft enters this year’s arena with a jam-packed new version of its Surface Pro. As we have already acknowledged the Surface technology last year, this version comes with a more pragmatically battery compromised operating system referred as Windows S 10. Along with the laptop comes an amazing packet of accessories, a track pad and most peculiarly, the attachable keyboard. Above all, this PC has been found to be discriminatory on behalf of deprivation of USB-C ports and lack of a separate version of a 16 GB Ram. This PC attains top-dollar cost and despite of some of its deficiencies, it is an absolute glance at the upcoming technological span.

Raspberry Pi Zero W:

The latest interfacing gadget ubiquitously entering the world of engineers has conquered the aspect of being the most compact and abated in size. Even though, this minuscule chip accomplishes to attain an area of just 65 millimeters, it has been embedded with charismatic control features which include, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it comes at an absolute decremented price of ten dollars which is majestically very less than what other interfacing modules may cost. This device is another revolutionary effect to the technological future as most of the ongoing and upcoming computer dependant creations, seek assistance from interfacing chips. Whether you are an electrical engineer creating a gesture-controlled robotic arm or an entrepreneur wanting to develop ad-hoc computing within your organization, Raspberry Pi Zero W is the best solution to opt for.

Raspberry Pi Zero W


Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX has paved his way into another inspirational venture called Neuralink. It is a biotechnological organization that handles brain implants. Moreover, its main ambition is the consolidation of brain cells via enhanced artificial intelligence. The company exhibits elegant endeavors towards rectifying brain injuries as well as the development of outstanding telepathic communication. The perspective that may arouse the curiosity of many people is that Musk is amicably blunt, when it comes to expressing dialogue about the futuristic advancements of AI. Moreover, he seems confident about his new project and claims that ultimately, within approximate lapse of ten years, people will desire to acquire surgical brain implants.


Apple’s Next Contraption:

It has been almost a decade since, the Apple corporation launched its first ever iPhone. Accordingly, the organization tends to go all in with the exclusive release of iPhone 8, most probably on 22nd or 23rd of September, 2017. Regardless of all rumors, it is anticipated to be one of the most advanced techs of this year. Moreover, this cell phone is said to entertain the users through comprehensive attributes such as power packed 10 nanometer A11 chip, wire free charging, bezilless outlook and an immersive smart sensing front camera. As a matter of fact, the stakes for Apple Corporation could go sky high and accordingly, the company would not let their technology lovers, fall to despair. So, rather than extending to spurious assumptions, let us simplistically, wait and watch.

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Series:

Besides numerous rumors, the Samsung Giant has achieved the publication of foldable phone technology patent, which is being described by the title of Samsung Galaxy X. It is more precisely related to the previous technological concept of Samsung Galaxy Edge. It is predicted to be a curved screen either foldable or capable of maneuvering a roll movement, similar to the custom design of a men’s wallet. Most recent rumors drive us to the conclusion that this year, we may be able to see a prototype of what this technology is capable of. Completely compiled phone might prevail till 2019. But, this ideology completely manipulates the idiosyncrasy of a common man towards the utilization of mobile phones. There is no doubt that once, Samsung has mastered this magnificent characteristic within a mobile phone, the world of telecommunication will transpose into a whole other dimension. It is an upcoming technology that merely excites a person’s mind solely, by the thought of it.

Succinct View:

Technology is a profound luxury that has altered the way we used to live earlier. Not only physically but, it interacts with almost all six senses of a human body. Each day an innovative invention or scientific discovery affects our lifestyle on a conspicuous scale. The world has exceptionally entered into an era of a technological race and the cognoscenti related specifically to this field, have considerably dedicated their lives towards it. No matter, if it is a field of software engineering, biotechnology or general physics, each and every developed technology share traits with it correspondingly. But, what matters to us the most is which technology plays the most vital role or which upcoming device compels the most devastating effect to our ambience. Categorically speaking, on daily basis, we try to speculate into a comparison, contrast or a competition to figure out the latest technological updates. As a consequence, we have become absolutely institutionalized by technology and the ideology of its dependency has become second nature to us.


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